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Passports to CPC Ottawa- Sep 2017

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by pavel2017, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. PPR: 20 sept
    Passport sent: 21 sept
    Passport received by agent: 22 sept
    Application approved: 11th oct
    Return tracker activated: 12 oct
    Passport received: 13 oct.
  2. Sorry, I am not sure, but I would like to ask if you received a message as well. I see the final decision says, "check messages below" but I don't see any new messages.
  3. FSWO
    Country of Residence: USA
    Citizenship: Indian
    Visa office: Ottawa

    PPR: Sep 15th ( only email, no CIC update )
    Passports sent: 21st Sep
    Passports delivered: 22nd Sep
    Status Approval: 13 Oct
    Tracker activated: Waiting.....
  4. no I did not get email or message... out of desperation I kept checking my CIC account every half an hour!!! :)
  5. Just approved now!
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  6. :) i just saw approved on the cic account..hang in there buddy should happen soon for you as well

  7. i just saw approved on the cic account..thanks for earlier..
  8. Do you see counterfoil for kids as well? I have USA born child and I do not see counterfoil number for her
  9. yipeee.....I got mine as well.

    ITA: June 1st
    ITA replied: Aug 14th
    AOR: Aug 14th
    Medical Check passed: Don't know
    Additional document request: Aug 28th ( missing FBI report - submitted on Aug 31st )
    RPRF: Aug 31st
    IP1: don't know
    NA/IP2: Sep 7th
    PPR: Sep 8th ( only email,no CIC update )
    Passports sent: 13th Sep
    Passports delivered: 14th Sep
    Tracker activated: 20th Sept
    photos rejected and passports sent back to me: 21st Sept
    Passports sent again with new photos: 22nd Sept
    Passport received by CPC: 25th Sept
    Application approved: 13th Oct
    Tracker activated....Not yet

    Number of applicants: 2. Complicated travel and multiple countries employment history
    Citizenship: Indian
    Visa office: Ottawa
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  10. Thanks mate. Mine got approved too..
  11. congratulations buddy
  12. I think they only do the counterfoil for passports that need visa to come to Canada, it is affixed to the passport. My husband is not showing in my application because he has a visa exempt passport, he will only get the COPR document
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  13. because, she does not need at all.
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  14. I see counterfoil for my kids as they need visa to enter canada and ur kid born in US, so not required.
  15. whoa- nice man..congrats!

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