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Passports to Accra Visa Office !

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by infinix, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Your passport was stamped in Abuja?
  2. Please at did your friend have to show when he went to the VFS?
  3. Yes it was stamped in Abuja
  4. Copy of my international passport
    Confirmation letter from Courier that my passport was delivered
    Confirmation of online appointment booking
  5. I think she's conflating VFS with VO. her friend went to the VFS to inquire about her passport.
  6. Ma
    This makes sense.
  7. Have you picked up your passport yet?
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    Picked up my passport along with copr today around 12 noon. VFS hasn't sent out a pick up notice yet neither by e-mail nor sms.
    I decided to go in person today because i was told of someone who picked up their's last week Monday as well.

    Brief timeline:

    Passport submission: 19th Nov (Tuesday)
    COPR update on CIC account: 4th Dec (Wednesday)
    Passport Pick-up: 9th December (Monday)

    P.S Visa is still in being issued in Accra, Ghana.
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  9. Thanks Kayne. I followed your lead and picked up my passport about 30 minutes ago. Your updates were a lifesaver. Wish you and all yours the best in Canada.
  10. :) Thanks for letting me know i made valuable contribution.
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    Wow maybe I should try this too , I am waiting for my passport back and it’s been 4 weeks already, no updates from VAC? What do you think I should do ?
  12. If your CIC account has been updated to approved then definitely go there asap. Your passport and copr are waiting for you.
  13. Yes please my cic account is updated as APPROVED.. I got my pre-Arrival service letter on the 18th of Nov , I WAS at the Vac office Accra to submit my Passport pictures for for visa processing on 25th Nov , I was given a receipt for my passport collection till date no email no updates? how long will Cic take to stamp visa and prepare COPR
  14. Visit the office where you submitted your passport to inquire if your passport is ready for pick up.
  15. My passport was kept on the day of interview on 5th November at the Canadian Embassy Accra , the VO kept all the supporting documents together with my passport after the interview and assured me , if I’m approved I will be given a call for pick up .. visa fee is paid , passport photos submitted, everything is done now , and it’s tako long for visa stamping? DO u think I should visit the embassy or the VFS Accra

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