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Passports to Accra Visa Office !

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by infinix, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Thanks for this info.
  2. hmmm. then i do not know why the file name of the PPR sent to me was 'accra'. i specifically told in the CSE and the email that my new address is in Kano, Nigeria. but then again, the PPR mail did not indicate whether i should send my passport to accra or lagos. my passport's there in accra now. today's the 5th day and they have not updated me. what do you think should i do? wait further? @kuskus
  3. Does tracking indicate that the passport has been delivered to Accra?
  4. Yes they received it based on tracking. Im thinking of emailing them after next week if i dont hear from them.

  5. You can do that; explain your situation in Nigeria.
  6. Have you seen anyone that recently submitted and got back their passport? About three people that I have reached out haven't got back their passports... going to two weeks. The one week timeline given by the woman should be taken with a pinch of salt. I'd be over the moon though should my passport be returned within a week... it's not impossible.
  7. Were those passports sent to the Canadian embassy in Lagos as well?
  8. Yes
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  9. Why if I may ask
  10. I submitted my passport in Abuja on 15th through Courier
    I didn't receive an email uptill today
    Please do send email they receive passport
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  11. I called VFS and the lady that picked the call said it can take upto 15 working days or more to stamp the passport and send it back to Abuja. She said the passport is been stamped Accra
  12. I just want to vent my frustration here.

    I sent my passport directly to Accra via DHL on november 13 and it was received Nov 18. (I didnt know then that it had to be through VFS)
    I sought an update through webform and email on Nov 25 because I am an expat here in Nigeria. and I need my passport back soon.I also sought for confirmation that accra has my visa.
    I got a reply from Ottawa that the information I provided "has been transferred to the responsible office". I do not know who is the responsible office.
    AND THEN TODAY... I got a reply from Accra saying "Kindly contact CPC-Ottawa for any enquiry."

    Good Lord, have mercy on me. Now I am not sure if Accra has my passport. I wonder why Accra would want me to contact Ottawa. I am extremely stressed, worried and anxious because of this.
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  13. I’m really sorry for what you are going through. I would just advise that you contact your courier to know where the delivery was made and also request for who signed to have received the passport on delivery. I think from here we can start to figure out where your passport is. Once again am really sorry for this situation you are going through.
  14. Yes, pls try call ur VFS office to know if it as arrived already.
  15. Thanks for your empathy. According to DHL tracker it was received by the accra visa office. It was received by a certain Johncandy Anichebe is that a legit name? Do you think DHL would be a phony to just deliver it somewhere and not to the intended address? those whom ive spoken to here in Nigeria are confident that the passport is in AVO. What puzzles me is why they want me to contact ottawa to get an update about my passport/application when ottawa itself told me to contact AVO.
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