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Passports to Accra Visa Office !

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by infinix, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Hello, have you gotten your passport now?
  2. No.
    Was at the Abuja VFS office today again, still no passport and still no update.
    It is now about 8 weeks.
    Has anyone experience this before and how was it resolved.
    Kindly assist.
  3. I am experiencing same for my kids. I submitted from Lagos on the 24th from Lagos to Accra. Still showing under processing.What is the latest with yours?
  4. No. Yet to receive any update.
    Thank you.
  5. Dont worry, I dont bother checking again, once they are ready, they will let us know.
  6. I am interested please guide me canada visa instruction 03444833868
  7. Hello and thank you for the encouragement.
    Mine was 18th April. Was yours 24th of April too and have you tried sending a mail.
  8. Good day. so those of you that submitted on 16th and 18th April. what is tge update now. Has your application been Approved and has your passport been dispatched.
  9. Mine was submitted in May ending. When i saw people withe first week and second week of April, i decided to calm down.
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    My friend got a request to submit his passport which he did. But he wanted to add his son & told his lawyer who then drafted a letter. He specifically told the lawyer not to send the drafted letter to ircc regarding his family composition changing until he does a dna test. The lawyer sent it anyway and the dna test results ended up been negative ( the child is not his). Now his passport request has been cancelled and they wrote that is file is under review. He has blasted his lawyer & he is no longer my friends lawyer. Can my friend write ircc saying his family compostion did not change? What are his other options. Please kindly advice as soon any one can.
  11. Hello guys, If you know anyone doing ECA report, I have a very cheap way to send credentials to WES or ICES Canada, instead of using DHL and others to send it. contact me email : cosond200@caledonian.ac.uk
  12. It's been 2 weeks now since we submitted our passports at vfs in Lagos. We are awaiting an update. I did not know it would take so long!
  13. Hello. i am an expat here in Nigeria and my PPR mail just got diverted from abu dhabi to Accra. I am in Kano and I intend to send it through DHL. Do Lagos is too far for me. How will I be able to get my passport back? Thank you
  14. I believe you can pay for return to you via courier, VFS do offer that service; check their website.

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