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Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr



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Nov 14, 2017
@Yesha Dave @Simran24 : i have ran 2 full marathon's and believe me when i say that the final stretch of marathon was way easier then this stupid wait.
first i thought i am the only one who feels anxious and restless but everybody feels the same. This long wait has taught me so many things, but cant wait enough to close this chapter of life and open the new one. Hope everyone gets their passport back very soon.


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Apr 25, 2018
LOL, then after landing you'll have to wait for your PR card which is another 2 or 3 months... Well at least we are done with the most difficult part.
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Jan 5, 2019
Hi guys, for those who already did the landing: do you need to assign a destination address for the final PR card? I'm wondering whether i'll be living in the same place. Specially if it should be in the same province, since it can take more than a month.
And if yes, do they use Canada Post xpresspost? bbecause i know canada post has a mail redirection service that i could use, but i don't think it works for xpresspost
Rent a mailbox for 3 months.. if there is no permanent address..!