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Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smansuri97, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. i sent my passport on 31st jan 2019 after ppr same day... plz update ur status... package received... return tracker activated etc..
  2. Sent passport on 31st january
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  3. Copies of passports sent on Feb 1st.
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  4. passport sent on 31st january
    Received on 1st February
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  5. Sent passport on February 2nd
  6. Hello everyone....I made a mistake when I sent my passport...when I printed my Annex A form it didn't have anything to sign on....so I sent it without signature and date...but after talking to a friend today...I realized that I sent half printed form without my signature and date so I sent a new one today with an explanation letter..I sent an email to them as well and I will be calling on Monday as well......is there anyone who had similar situation with any kind of documents...?? Do they send your passport back or ask for a new form
  7. Ppr on Jan 31. Copies of passport sent on Feb 1. Received today Feb 4 at 7.30 am
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  8. Delivered Feb 4th
  9. delivered today with sad smiley... lol
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  10. PPR: 31 JAN, 2019
    SENT : 31 JAN 2019
    DELIVERED : 1 FEB 2019
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  11. The same for me, signed by "Steve" with a sad face, that is weirdo_O Is there a way to share the picture here?
  12. how you know its signed by who ?
  13. Click on "View Delivery Confirmation" on the "delivery progress" table when you track the package. You will see the sign of the person who received. In my case he signed as "Steve"
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  14. The same Steve...
    He wasn't happy receiving the mail at 7:30am:eek:
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  15. we he must be either monday sick or trying to scare shit out of us ... lol

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