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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by vic1028, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Ah okay hopefully they send the request to me soon! It's the last step before PPR god willing!
  2. I am leaving to see my husband in spain on Friday and I am hoping will come back together. I pray everyone will hear soon.
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  3. Aww enjoy your trip! Are you there for long? That would be so nice I really hope that that happens! Amen! x
  4. I hope so! You're right nobody understand how people who applied longtime after you their process are done.
    Anyway we are still in timeline so no need yet to worry about.
  5. Hey.
    Congratulations for biometrics, it seems they are working on our files.
    Keep us posted and enjoy your time with your husband.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I am there for 5 weeks .
  7. Thank you. I will keep you posted.
  8. Hey guys, I just got Pre Arrival letter in my Gckey account, is it a good thing ?
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  9. CONGRATULATIONS.... next step is passport request.
  10. Thanks! Then let's wait for passport request.
    Hopefully you will hear good news soon.
  11. CONGRATS!! You are close to the end! This is so exciting, congratulations! :D
  12. Thanks! I got a decision made on thursday and a request letter into my gckey on Friday but no way to open the file it seems like there is an issue on it. So I sent an email to Paris office to ask them why I can't open the document in my Gckey account.
    I'm waiting for thei reply...
  13. Hi All,
    Just go the answer from Paris VO, as I have a French Passport, the only things I have to send is 2 pictures and passport copies.
    Good luck for all of you and don't hesitate to message me for any information.
  14. Hey I got PPR today too. Do you know if you need to submit only ID page for passport or a full copie ? Knowing that mine is brand new and therefore there is nothing on it
  15. Congratulations ! I have submitted each stamped page to avoid any issue.
    If your passport is new and empty I think only ID page should be enough

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