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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by vic1028, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Thanks for your quick replying:). I am outside Canada. I am living in France now. My husband is French. He is working in Canada as computer engineer. I applied OWP at VAC of Lyon on February 26th, 2019. Then I checked my tracking number. It was already being processed in Canada visa office, Paris. So I think my file was already recevied. Thanks for sharing the link. I checked this link before. I am not Permanent Residence,I am Temporary Residencem, So I don't have AOR and SA. I tried a lot of methods I can, But it still doesn't work.:(
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  2. Ahh okay well I'm glad they received it that's a good thing! Ohh it is different I am so sorry I am not familiar with that kind of case but I did find this in the FB group! I hope it helps! It is a PDF file but I don't think I can attach it here. I will copy and paste what it says but the file actually shows images of the steps. I hope this helps! :)

    Linking your OWP to a MyCIC Profile

    What’s going on?
    When trying to link my application to my online account, it says there are no matches.
    1. You entered the information incorrectly: The system will only link your application if the
    information you enter matches what you had on your application exactly. Make sure you don’t
    have any extra spaces before or after what you type into each field. Enter your name as it
    appears on your passport. This is what we enter into our system. If you contacted us after you
    applied and updated any information, provide the most recent information.
    2. Your application hasn’t been entered into our system yet: It may take some time for it to
    be entered into the system. Once we have it entered, you will be able to link your application.
    You can create an account two ways:
    By signing in via your bank account or by creating a user ID and password.
    Click the appropriate button to continue…
    If you choose GCKey, you can create an account by selecting Sign Up. Or if you
    already have an account, sign in.
    Click Continue. You can also use this screen to change your password, security
    questions or revoke your login.
    Click ‘I Accept’
    On this screen, you will need to enter the answer to your security question.
    Scroll down this screen and click ‘Add (link) application to your account’.
    Select ‘Temporary Residence’ for Category and
    ‘Work permit and extension’ for the Sub-Category.
    Fill in your information. Pay attention to the note details.
    Select to enter either your Passport or Place of Birth and enter the details:
    Select ‘Open (initial application or extension)’ for type of work permit.
    Then select your Current country of residence and Current marital status.
    Then select ‘Applied for permanent residence as a spouse or common-law partner
    In Canada’.
    Then click ‘Search for my application’.
    If the next screen says they “found an application that matches the information
    you entered, you need to click ‘Link my application’.
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  3. Wow, Thank you very much.:) I tried all the steps except the end
    "select ‘Applied for permanent residence as a spouse or common-law partner
    In Canada’." Because I always select 'a spouse or common-law partner of skill worker' I will try tonight.:p But I worried I am not permanent residence. I will let you know.Good luck for Everyone.
  4. You are very welcome! :) I really hope it works!! Please let me know if it does and also please keep us update with your progress at the Paris VO! Good luck to you as well and I hope we all receive good news soon from Paris! :D x
  5. Hi,
    I just finised trying to link my application. It still doesn't work, I will try tomorrow again. Today I tried application number and UCI, application number and family name, and family name,given name, birthday. I also tried Capital/Small, select ‘Applied for permanent residence as a spouse or common-law partner In Canada’. But still no application. I will try UCI and family name tomorrow, I will let you know.:)Thanks for helping me. Good luck.
  6. By the way, How long do you need to wait for your visa? When I applied, It was 2 weeks for waiting my visa, But after I applied, It is growing time everyweek. It is increasing gradually from 2 weeks to 6 weeks,:(Today I just finished waiting for 6 weeks and 2 days.I hope they will not increase again.My husband waits me in France for going to Canada with me. But now it is twice as long as the original plan. It is so suck. His company is also anxious for us. They hired a lawyer, But we still don't know how can we let the visa office to speed up the review. We don't have any news from my visa.
  7. Hi, I gonna tell you the outcome what I tried to link my application, Unfortunately it still doesn't work. I tried the application numnber, UCI, family namem, given name, birthday, I tried capital/small, Married/single. But still can not link my application. Thanks for your helping. I hope you gona have good news soon.:)
  8. Hi,good news, I finally linked my application. Today I wrote the same information I did before to link my application, The end I still selected 'a spouse or common-law partner of skill worker' , Then boom.....I linked successfully. Now They are processing my background. I think we will get good news soom. Good luck.:):):)
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  9. Ahhh! That is amazing! I am so happy for you that it finally linked! Please keep us posted with your progress and I hope you hear good news soon! Thank you!! Good luck and all the best! :) :) :) x
  10. Hello, Guys. Good news again. My application was approved.But I don't know how to put my picture here. I think you will get answer soon, good luck guys.:):):);)

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