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Parents visitor visa rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by stellar79, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. So sad that my mother and father visitor visa is rejected. :(:(
    My brother and I live here in canada. We sent our T4, passports photocopies, invitation letter and temporary itinerary, my father is retired and my mom doesn’t work. They showed ITR for last 3 years , savings of around $70,000 and paternal house property which he is giving property taxes for last 25 years,their FD’s and savings account and the interst of about 25,000 rupees every month. I dont know what to do. My brother is PR n i am on work permit. Unfortunately we dont make certain amount that he can sponsor or apply for super visa. My parents were waiting for years to come and see us. Please help what can we do in this situation
  2. What was the reason given for the rejection.
  3. Can you tell here what are the reasons it was rejected?
    So we can figure out what were missing. Thank you.
  4. Based on your post, I'm assuming they were refused for the typical reasons of Purpose of visit + Strong family ties to Canada + Travel History + Inadequate financial assets

    1. How long did your parents want to visit? Purpose of their visit?

    2. Did they borrow/someone transfer money for the FDs, bank balance, etc?

    3. Was their bank balance CAD 70,000? Source of the bank balance?

    4. Is the property legally owned by your dad? Or does he simply pay the property taxes for it?

    5. Do they lives with any other dependent family members? Your siblings or grandparents?
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  6. @stellar79

    1. A visit of 5 months only confirms that your parents do not have any strong ties to their home country

    2. Again, did your parents earn the funds before they invested in the FDs and their bank balance? Or was it transferred by you and your brother?

    3. Is the bank balance CAD 70,000?

    4. The property is NOT a tie for your parents to return to their home country. Merely paying the property taxes is not the same as owning it + property taxes can be paid online = No need to return to the home country at all

    5. Your sister as a family ties would depend on her age, what she does (student or employed). The fact that your parents requested a visit of 5 months indicates that your sister is capable of living on her own without your parents
  7. Sorry it is 1.5 months only for tourism
  8. It's difficult to advise if you don't provide more information to the questions posted
  9. Unfortunately, we don't make a certain amount that he can sponsor or apply for a super visa. My parents were waiting for years to come and see us. Please help what can we do in this situation

    What is your brother's income ??
    You have to make sure, inviter's income meets the minimum financial requirement.
    It looks like the problem is from Canada, not from your parents.
    Or income tax problems?

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