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Parents visit visa online application - LHR, Pakistan

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Mishalalam, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hi! I applied for my parents visa on August 11, 2019. Online application.
    Biometrics were successfully completed on August 21st.
    Still haven’t received any update about eligibility or background check processing.
    I’m expecting my first child so I’ve also attached a note from the doctor and I have PR.
    any idea how long it can take?
  2. Sadly, the answer is "as long as it takes." from what country and for what citizenship was it submitted?

  3. It was a visit visa application. Applied from Pakistan.
    When the visa was applied it said the processing time is 35 days. Now it says visit visa processing time from Pakistan is 65 days.

    Application date was 11th August and I still haven’t heard from them. It’s already been 58 days
  4. So the processing time is increasing as you can see from the average tracking time. Keep an eye on it.
  5. I already apply visit visa on 26.06.2019 from Lahote vfs global and i m still waiting for decision and now proceesing time for pakistan is 64 days ...

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