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Parents date of birth mistakenly input wrong in the PR application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by samin, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Hi me and my sister Permanent residence in Canada while my sister applied for PR she mistakenly input wrong date of birth of my parents in her PR application. she input my mom's date of birth to my dad's place and my dad's date of birth put my mom's place but I did the correct way When I applied for my PR. Now I would like to sponser my parents as TRV, will it be affect If I apply for my parents TRV any one has same experience ?
  2. Hi Samin,

    We have had the same experience..... my sibling who is a Canadian PR had stated the wrong birth dates for my parents in his PR application.

    For my parents' subsequent TRV applications, TRV Invitation Letter, and other related documents, we specified the correct date of births. In any case, my parents' passports have the correct DOB. There was no problem for their TRVs.

    Later, we sent all appropriate documentation to CIC to inform them about this mistake in the PR application

    Hope this helps. All the best :)
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  3. To make mistakes is a normal human thing. From experience I know that the immigration officers go by the info on the official papers not by the information written in the application forms by the applicants. Don't worry. Everything will be just fine.
  4. Hello Everyone,

    Kindly note that i have the similar situation, while applying for my PR i put random numbers for the date of birth depending on the age and information given by parents and At that time they don't have the passports. Recently they got the passports and the dob's on passports are different than what i put for my PR application.

    Right now i am planning to apply for my parents TRV, Will this create any issue (Either for my PR or parents TRV). I know couple of people have mentioned that should not be an issue to get the TRV but still bit of though going in my mind which drives me to re-think about it.

    Hello Samin,

    Did you parents got TRV without any issue. Please advise me.

  5. Hello, did you get the TRV for your parents? I am also in the similar situation.

  6. ------

    is there any new information on this situation please. thanks
  7. I'm in similar situation I entered my father Dob incorrectly in my PR application. I have been in Canada for last 2 years and now planning to apply TRV for my father. What should I do because there will be mismatch in my father's dob
  8. You must email IRCC + submit your dad's birth certificate and/or his a copy of his passport. IRCC will amend the records
  9. Thanks for this, do you know - how much time will it take and will there be any issues as it's almost 2 years now.
    Will they question, y so late in the game?
  10. There won't be any problems at all. What matters is that you have informed IRCC + you will be applying for your dad's TRV with the correct birth date
  11. Thanks, do you know the process to reach out to IRCC and what all documentation (forms etc.) i need to provide
  12. Hello ,
    I am in the similar situation....
    Would be great if you can post what procedure you followed to correct mistake?

    please its urgent ! your reply can prove solid guide.
  13. Did you get TRV? I am in similar situation.
  14. It won't be an issue. TRV approvals depend on other factors. You must mention the dates of birth stated in their passports
  15. thanks for your reply.

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