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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019


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Jan 29, 2019
@YULIA-2016 @robertp

Please add me to the tracker.

Country: Armenia
Sponsored: Parents
LVO: Warsaw

Invitation Received: 2019-04-24
Application Received: 2019-05-07
Receipt Acknowledgement (AOR): 2019-07-11
Sponsor In Process status (ECAS): 2019-08-22
Biometrics Request: 2019-08-28
Biometrics Enrolment: 2019-09-10
Sponsor DM (ECAS): 2019-08-29
PA In Process: 2019-09-23
PA AOR: 2019-10-02

## ECAS - Sponsorship Application Status (Decision Made at the moment)
1. We received your application to sponsor FATHER on May 7, 2019.
Dependents listed on the application are: MOTHER.
2. We started processing your application on August 22, 2019.

## ECAS - Permanent Residence Application Status (In Process at the moment)
1. We received FATHER's application for permanent residence on May 7, 2019.
2. We sent FATHER correspondence acknowledging receipt of FATHER's application(s) on October 2, 2019.
3. We started processing FATHER's application on September 23, 2019.
4. We sent FATHER correspondence on August 22, 2019. If FATHER has not yet provided the information or the requested documents, please have FATHER do so as soon as possible. Please wait until FATHER receives the correspondence before sending us additional information, as the correspondence will outline all information that is required.
5. We sent FATHER a letter on August 28, 2019. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.

There are no updates since October 2, no PCC request no Medical.
Is this normal ?
August 22, 2019 & August 28, 2019>> did you get PCC via Email?

FYI: Please use template

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  • AoR Received (DATE):
  • Ecas Status for Sponsorship Application:
  • Ecas Status for PR Application.
  • Sponsorship In process Date:
  • Sponsorship Decision Made Date:
  • Local Visa Office :
  • Biometric request :
  • MyCIC update:
  • IME request :
  • PCC request:
  • Additional document / travel history request date :
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Jan 28, 2019

Hi All,

1st. NDVO asked for Canadian PCC on November 21, 2019. My parents got the fingerprints done on the same day. RCMP confirmed to have mailed the PCC on November 28, 2019. We never received it.

2nd. A month later on December 20, Parents did fingerprints for the 2nd time. RCMP confirmed that they mailed the PCC on January 2nd from Ottawa. We have not received this PCC yet. Since we are based in Ontario, the mail should not take this long ideally.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of delay?
Does this happen often? (People not receiving the PCC from RCMP?)

What can possibly be done to rectify this situation?

Appreciate all support in advance!
@UPPI I'd confirm with RCMP which address they are sending it to. Can they send it electronically?


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Dec 13, 2011
Visa Office......
NOC Code......
Job Offer........
App. Filed.......
April 20, 2010
Doc's Request.
July 14, 2010
AOR Received.
April 20, 2010 NDVO 2nd AOR: Dec 17, 2010
File Transfer...
Dec 17, 2010 In Process......: March 21, 2012
Med's Request
March 02,2013
Med's Done....
March 12,2013
Passport Req..
March 02,2013 Docs Reached.: March 21,2013 DD Encashed..: April 03,2013 Med Received.: June 08,2013 CSQ .: Nov 15,2013 Decision Made.:Dec 09,2013
Dec 07, 2013 Visa Validity....: March 18,2014
Mar 08, 2014
Could you please let me know when did you submit the application? In which month?
I submitted my parents application in June 2019, still i have not received any correspondence.
Thank you
Application Dispatched: June 05, 2019
Application Received : June 07, 2019


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Jan 29, 2019
How long generally CPC - Mississauga is taking these day to update after sending the PCC, IMM 5562 and copy of a new passport?


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Jul 12, 2019
do I need to send two self addressed envelope with passport for principal and dependent or only one self addressed envelope. -
anyone who sent passport within Canada please help.


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Sep 19, 2019
This thing is more complicated than it is because after 30 days they will not have health coverage (for most provinces) as there is a 90 days waiting. You will probably have to pay for this surveillance till they get the coverage.
Surveillance, medication, and follow up for TB is free, even for non-residents.