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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

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    I would provide NOA for last 3 years. Have seen lot of cases where sponsors had given consent through SIN# and even then CIC requested them for NOA/Option C.
    Also if you don't want to be their representative I would suggest putting their back home address. Also I think regardless of what address you put their file will be transferred to Ottawa (as of most of the cases who already have some kind of deal with CIC before are sent to Ottawa).

    Good luck.!!
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  2. nobody, you can just look at prev.years.I would say Manila is doing no bad :)

  3. Thanks for the info, Do you have the format? If you have, could you please pm me.
    My parents will go back in end of Oct and there might be not much time to register and get the marriage certificate. I am afraid the deadline will be little tight. Also we don't have any marriage photos.
    if you have some suggestions for this, please advise.
  4. Sorry I dont have the format but the notaries in India do have a standard format. Besides lot of people in this forum have. You may search or request in a this thread and seperate
  5. Folks, I got SA email 2-3 weeks ago and file transferred to Ottawa. But I am still not able to link it to my CIC account.
    When linking what do you put in last option "Number of family members, including the primary applicant, that are part of this application", should be just 2 (mom & Dad) or 3 (Mom, Dad & sponsor). I tried both but none of them works. How much time does it take after file sent to Visa office and linking it in CIC account.?
    Your reply would be highly appreciated.
  6. It will be 3. Did you try to use the application # received in emails
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  7. Yes, tried with application number too, but still no luck.!
  8. Who is trying to link, sponsor or principal applicant? It should be principal applicant.
  9. Yes, actually its through Principal applicant account only.
  10. Hello everyone,
    I am writing this message on behalf of my friend. She got an email last week saying her application is selected for PGP program 2017 and has 90 days to submit documents / sponsorship forms etc. But the issue is after getting married in 2011, she was sponsored by her Canadian husband for PR in 2012. She, including her husband, has enough income to sponsor her parents. But the question is she eligible to sponsor her parents being self sponsored in 2012 for her PR?
    Really appreciate for you response.

  11. Yup. based on what you said above, she is eligible as sponsor (also make sure to check the income part).

    good luck.!
  12. Hi,

    Is there someone who knows that he is selected but don't yet received the invitation email for PGP?

    Please share.
  13. I received the invitation through email the day after the second list went online. Write them an email. quoting your confirmation number and if you have that intent to sponsor form then attach it in that email too.
  14. Why to bother cic if you have reference number. check it yourself here.


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