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Discussion in 'International Students' started by dipica, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Is there any paralegal student ?????????
  2. hey i am also going to apply in paralegal... centannial college
  4. Even I also applied in centennial. .
  5. well this course is has good scope....but according to me human resources is not relevant to law this is the main reason vo rejected...the case...and i have seen many who got visa in para legal course...i am from patiala....and can you tell me about your consultant?
  6. What is your qualification? I am from Yamununagar and I did law from panjab university .chd.may b your right but I know personally one guy whose visa rejected becose of paralegal. I am going through consultant whoi is knwn to me from kurukshtra but he is lodging my file through visa desk of patiala.
  7. i did b.com than ll.b from punjabi university patiala...i called international number of centannial they told me about para legal...can you tell me the reason they gave to your known about rejection??
  8. As doing paralegal after law is low grade course .thats why I have choosed pg course but rest is luck if youbare saying ki u knw ppl who got viaa. I will lodge my file after 18 oct ..
  9. but its a post graduation certificate program...anyways hope we both will get visa...i will deposit my gic and college fee on wednesday...so are you going to attach sop with your application??
  10. I know it is funny but I have no clue whether they attach sop or not as my whole file is handle by my consultants .I have deposited my tution fee , gic .also done with medical ..I wish we both get visa .:)
  11. its okay dipica...well nice to talk to you...and can you tel me about time scotio bank will take for gic certificate
  12. Same here ...I deposited my money on 4 oct and get confirmation on 9 oct .
  13. ok thank you so much...ill talk to u ltr
  14. I also applied for paralegal at Centennial for Jan Intake, but got refusal today on grounds of course

    Feeling Upset :( :( :( :( :(
  15. thats sad bro...can you please share your profile and wat is the reason for rejection??

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