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Pakistan People landing in Summer 2016 - get in toch

Discussion in 'Housing' started by sarimraza, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    All Pakistanis landing in summer 2016 can get in touch here to share landing experiences and
    get help from each other.

  2. Hi my name is Junaid and I am moving to Vancouver in April/May of 2016.

    Here's my email if any one wants to share an apartment.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hello,

    We are offering the short term or long term accommodation to the all newly landed immigrants in GTA. (We do not need a job letter, reference and credit check)

    We are well known at Canadavisa forum

    Please visit out website or check the link below for short term fully furnished accommodation as per your family size & budget we have bedroom starting from $ 30 per nigh or $ 210 per week and above.

    You can also contact me at +1-647-703-5988 or e-mail at furnishedsuite2@gmail.com

    For other details please visit website or link below




    Best Regards,

  4. Hi
    my name saima malik.i am going to landing in sk in end 2016
  5. I Will be landing in calgary inshaAllah in March-2016.
    any suggestions for the Home rental in Calgary ?
    i mean which area to select and what options to look for ?
  6. hello i am landing in april...i need guidance....we have planed our landing in torotnto mississagua....can family of 5 (2 adults..3 children of ages 8-7-4) for short term stay (say for 2-6 months) live in one bedroom apartment...(as im trying to avoid any possible cost before job capturing). ALso one more thing i want to know..is there any limit to sign lease for 1 year only....can we have 4-5 months lease also....as we dont know when i get job and have to move from that apartment...

    thank you...reply would be highly appreciated... :)
  7. Calgary is divided into 4 quadrants : NE, NW, SE, SW

    NE is the cheapest one full of desis
  8. Thanks a lot @waiting110.

    UPDATE: i have landed in Calgary yesterday( 08-March-2016). the journey and arrival was mostly smooth.
    i will write a detail note on arrival once i am through this terrible Jet lag (12 hours time difference between Pakistan and Calgary.
  9. I am landing in Toronto with family on 30 April. Having no relative there and looking for accommodation these days.
  10. Ok Thanks

    All people please advise on furnished accomodation that is economical in basement or otherwise

  11. Shahid Javed kalair here!

    I am landing in Halifax Nova Scotia, in first week of May 2016. We are a family of four ( Me, My wife, elder son 3 years, younger son 10 Months).

    Looking for some help to find temporary residence / apartment in Halifax NS, if someone has any idea please revert.
  12. AOA
    I will also land in toronto in June INSHAA ALLAH
  13. Mostly lease has to be of 12 months.. but some do have 6 months Lease.. or its better to go on http://www.kijiji.ca/b-apartments-condos/gta-greater-toronto-area/c37l1700272 or https://toronto.craigslist.ca/ for sublease(transferring remaining months of lease, for say 3/4/5 months whatever monthly rent is with the lease and complete package)
  14. Normally furnished apartments are very expensive, than basement. Basements are always cheaper than Apartment's. Most of the basements are very cold in winter.. I had very bad experience with basements, never liked it. Always go for apartments specially with kids. In Summer basements are good for say 3/4 months stay without lease if one can not find an Apartment. Again, take my word don't go for Lease for basements.
  15. Salam!

    We will be landing on may 10. Currently looking for renting two bedroom condo. Anyone can help? No credit checks please. Urgently help required.

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