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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Astounding18, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. I applied 1 day after you did, my AOR is 29 June and the same updates , only criminality is passed.
    I have a question, I've heard they no longer give updates through the phone , is it true ?
  2. Well, in my case they did. First time I called mid-September the agent just said: you know we have 6 months to make a decision so just wait. But just persist and ask specific questions: is eligibility met or passed? Has security been started yet?

    In both cases they looked into my file and gave me answers!

  3. Hello, please could you drop the number you contacted them with? The number I have doesn’t work.
  4. Are you calling from within Canada?

    I called +1 888 242 2100
  5. No, I’m calling from Nigeria. Any contact that could work?
  6. I wouldn't know, I'm calling from inside Canada. Good luck!
  7. Hi friends. I m nov 2018 candidate seeking ppr. Till now no response from vo ottawa. No adr. No rr. No remedical request. Eligibility recommend passed. Security not yet started. Can anyone give a fair suggestion as wat to do? Raised webforms. Called ircc. Just one thing they say everything ok. Wat can b done. Any idea how long it will still take. Any positive reply is welcomed
  8. Did you order GCMS notes? I’m still waiting, also November 2018 AOR. Ordering notes was my last action...Maybe it can trigger something (that’s my hope) because an agent need to review information to finish notes. Ordered a month ago but I did not receive it yet.
  9. Yes. I ordered in july n received in august. Nothing special in it. Everything was clear. No adr or rr. Wats ur aor date. When did ur original medicaks expired
  10. Hi! My AOR is November 18, 2018. My original medicals expired on October 16, 2019. But I got a remedical request before the expiry date and it was passed on August 29, 2019. Neverthless, still waiting RFV e-mail....Called IRCC, raised webform and they just say that eligibility is passed, background check is in process (criminality, security is passed), just wait. They do not know when it will be finished :(
  11. My medicals expired in oct. But no remeDical request yet. Ircc says everything is fine just wait. Dont know what to wait for. N how longto wait for
  12. Hi All,

    FSW - outland:

    AOR - OCT 8th 2019
    MEP - OCT 21st 2019
    BIL - OCT 22nd 2019
    Biometrics completed - 24th oct

    I have called IRCC on 6th nov 2019 and received the following update abt the status of my application

    Initially processed at CIO Sydney and now case has been moved to ottawa CPC.

    criminality- passed
    Security- not started
    Eligibility- not started

    Does this mean that my R10 check is completed??

    Can anyone let me know?

    Thank you,
  13. Yes this means your R10 completed.
  14. AoR 15th August 2019.
    As per the last update, my criminality is passed.
    My VO is Ottawa.
    Security and Eligibility yet not started.
    What should be the best time to order GCMS notes?

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