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Ontario would like to consider you under their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by v_t, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. For what stream did you apply? You must login to your Express Entry profile
    Is it FSSW? ST? Or HCP with Job Offer or French Stream?
  2. What's your CRS score and NOC? What date you created your profile?
  3. I didn't apply for PNP. I created my EE profile and that's about it.

    I'm unable to find the stream information from the message they have sent.
  4. CRS - 440
    NOC - 2175
    Date of Profile Creation - 14th November 2018
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  5. Great. Congratulations.

    Did you take the French test or have a job offer ?
  6. Thank you, what am I supposed to do next? Is it HCP Stream?


    I was at 432 when I created the profile on 14th May 2018, I wrote IELTS 4 times to get to 440, waiting for revaluation on the current attempt to see if I can add 3 more points to my current CRS.
  7. You have 45 days to act on it. There are many HCP thread from last year. You can go through them.
  8. Even I received Ontario PNP invitation today. My score was 440 points, without my spouse being co applicant, since adding my wife was bringing down the score. My question is can I accept the Ontario PNP and add my wife? Also what are the other advantage or disadvantage of aaplyapp through Ontario PNP. Extra 1500 CAD fees is not a concern for me.
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    My answer could be a little harsh and may not always be true. Just to be safe we should avoid misrepresentation as much as possible so talking about the worst that can happen.

    Can I accept the Ontario PNP (NOI) and and add my wife?
    - Yes, you can accept it but if you add your wife your crs drops and you are disqualified(or may be banned for misrepresentation).

    - In this case you are slightly safer if you don't add your spouse to the application (and have a proper explanation of why you didn't add her) and sponser her later once you are settled in Canada.

    What are other advantages or disadvantages of applying through Ontario PNP apart from fee.
    - Advantage: you can apply for PR even when you have lower CRS than cut off score. Disadvantage: Processing time will be slightly increased as you have to apply to Ontario first.

    But, Second question is not much of a concern here. You need to get your application straight first.
  10. hi all,
    seems that we are on the same boat... I also got NOI today and I believe we are all under HCP stream.

    I have a question here:

    I read through the application guide and see this - does that mean we could still wait the direct ITA from IRCC ?

    If you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence from IRCC while your application is being processed by the OINP, your profile is no longer available for us to nominate you.

    You must decide to:

    If you reject the ITA you must send us a request to continue processing your application as soon as possible by email to ontarionominee@ontario.ca and include a screenshot showing that you have rejected the ITA from IRCC.

    Q2: what do you mean by 'accept'? does that mean we need to login to the e-filing system and then submit the application - assume we have all documents ready?

    Q3: Does it also mean that we could still hope to receive the direct ITA within 45 days?

    Q4: any of you could share that how the reference letter format in this forum? I am having headache to hunt past employers in past 10 years.....I thought we just need the recent /current work references....

    thanks a lot..let's keep in touch.
  11. hello all,
    to get an NOI can I check all of the province options including ontario? Or should I only select ontario alone?

  12. Anyoy with score 438 or below got oinp noi today?
  13. I received a NOI from Ontario today as well with 439 EE points.

    No french language, so this is the HCP stream re-opening in 2019.

    its a relief as i had lost all hope since i will loose a further 5 age points in February.

    The extra CAD 1,500 is a small price to pay for the end result.
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