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Aug 22, 2021
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15 January 2023
Hi guys,

CRS: 461
NOI: Oct 27, 2021

Few questions and advice needed:
1. I am applying from Sweden, and here they do not put any stamps on Bank Statements, in fact, the Bank asked me to submit the electronic copy (which contains the Bank logo, Address, Business ID, and all the necessary information). However, the Bank issued me an "Account Balance and Confirmation" certificate mentioning my current Account Balance (which matches with the Electronic Bank Statement) and also a "Reference Letter" mentioning that my dealings with the Bank have been satisfactory. (Also my Salary is also transferred into the same account and the name of the company is also mentioned in the title as well)
2. Also the Salary Slips are electronic, so it's not possible to get those signed as well. However, my experience letters contain the same salary information too and those are signed and stamped by the company.

Do you see any issues with the Bank Statement and the Salary Slips?
Anyone else facing a similar situation as myself?

Your advice and help in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
IRCC knows that banks in some countries are not stamping the statment, and they are accepting it as long as it is repeated thing for them, for sure you are not the first one to sumbit such, then you can provide whatever evidence you have as you stated to prove ur balance and it will be no issue.
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