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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mozijikuu, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Congratulations!

    My timeline is below:
    • Jul/12/2019 - Got PNP NOI (NOC 2173)
    • Jul/19/2019 - Submitted application (PNP)
    • Jul/25/2019 - Assessment
    • Somewhere before Jul/31/2019 - Decision In Progress (I wasn't checking regularly)
    • Waiting for nomination
    May I know if you also applied under FSW?
    Do you know if your previous employers were contacted? I fear that one of my employers may be difficult to contact. I had to ask our department manager to follow up our HR many times and just got the letter 3 weeks later >_<

    I'm a bit worried as it seems that my application was submitted way before the others but still in DIP
  2. UPDATE:
    Received NOI: August 1st 2019
    Profile submitted: August 23rd 2019
    Assessment: Sept 4th 2019
    Decision In Progress: Sept 6th 2019
    Nomination: Awaiting
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  3. Hey guys! I'm getting a little worried as its been 60 days since I submitted my application and I've been stuck on DIP for quite a some time now.

    Can anybody suggest what I should do next?
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  4. Hey there !
    Please directly call the Ontario office to know more. Of course call at 9 AM their time. Also drop them a Mail. choose every avenue. What are your dates like and which stream ?
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  5. Hi Dhivya :) Thank you for your quick response. I'll call them on Monday (when I would have crossed the 60 day mark).

    This is my timeline: -

    NOI Received: 31st May
    NOI Read: 28th June
    NOC Code: 0124
    OINP Stream: HCP
    CRS: 443
    OINP Application Submitted: 12th July
    ADR: 20th July (WES to Ontario)
    Receipt Of Complete Application: 22nd July
    DIP Stage: Between the 22nd and the 24th of July (No Mail notification, but checked my portal on the 24th)
    Approval: Waiting
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  6. Hey anyone with all of the following
    NOI: 1st Aug
    Submitted whenever.
    Has received any status update by now?
  7. I would say be patient my dear,
    I was in the same boat
    NOI Received: 22nd May
    NOC: 2173
    OINP Stream: FSWS
    CRS 446
    OINP Application submitted: June 18
    ADR: 06/21
    ADR: 07/12
    DIP: 07/26
    Approved: 08/30
    ITA: 09/04
    As you can see it's been more than 60 counting ADR of course
    Be patient my dear. you'll get it.
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  8. Hi Friends, My status updated in Signature :)
  9. Received NOI: July 12
    Profile submitted: August 21st
    Status: Submitted

    NOC: 2174

    Why my status is still in submitted, i have seen others status has changed in a week? :(
  10. Hi,

    I have applied under FSW stream.
    In my case, I have only one employer who is my current employer as well.

    The processing time may depend on multiple factors, no worry, all the best !!
  11. Hi,

    My timelines are

    NOI Received: 1st Aug '19
    NOC: 2173
    OINP Stream: HCP (CEC)
    CRS: 438
    OINP Application Submitted: 24th Aug '19
    Status: Submitted

    Andavarayan M (Andy)
  12. Hi, I've a question
    I've read you can ask for a bridge open work permit meanwhile you are waiting response from Province.

    I'm currently working with a closed work permit based on LMIA.
    The job position has no limits and in case it is needed, my company will provide job offer letter/confirmation of the job, etc..
    In this case, can I obtain the bridge as well?
    And because I am married, can my wife obtain the same as she gets her open work permit based on my work status?

    Many thanks
  13. Hi guys,
    I'm in HCP stream.
    NOI received - 15 Aug
    Application submitted - 25 Aug
    Assessment - 4 Sep

    My question is - one can still get ADR right?
    I'm trying not to check my account daily and only checking mail for any change in status.

  14. Hi guys, just wandering: is there any whatapp group of this forum I can join?

    If there is please add me +250781562689. If not in case any of you want to I can create one.
  15. Anyone here with 2171 NOC who got NOI for OINP ?

    Anyone knows which other provinces are having NOC 2171 (information systems Analyst) in their occupation in demand lists currently?

    In desperate need of some help!


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