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Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2018 - ICT occupations.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by H776, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Hello friends.

    Hopefully, next year will be our.

    I saw many people with the same case of mine. ICT occupation but with CRS score below 400.
    Let us gather here.
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  2. We can create a chat group in WhatsApp if you like it!
  3. For HCP stream, does anyone know if Ontario immigration will give priority to those choosing only Ontario in Express Entry over those who chose "any province or territory"?
  4. Does anyone know what are the criteria the ONIP is looking for when nominating those with CRS less than 400 for ICT occupations?
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  6. I'm 31 yrs old
    Currently soft.Eng. experience 4 years in US
    WES =Master's degree
    IELTS: 8,7.5,6.5,7.5
    Spouse WES=Bachelors degree
    and i get 386 points when calculated..
    but if i exclude spouse(not accompanying still mentioning) i get 403 and thats only when i meet the last requirement of OINP(400+ CRS minimum).

    So is it possible for me to create two EE profiles one with spouse accompanying and one without accompanying ? so that which ever one gets an NOI i can go with that ? Luckily, if the one with 386(spouse accompanying) is given an NOI, its a huge relief and i don't have to go through all that sponsorship.. But i heard its highly unlikely if its less than 400 except for once in July 2016..

    Can you share your thoughts on this please...
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  8. check it
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  9. you are losing 50 points just because of 0.5 marks in english.
    If you can make it 8 7 7 7 at least, your score (with spouse) will be above 386+50=436, good enough to get direct ITA :)
  10. I subscribed thread for hubby's occupation (ICT), in case I put him as principal applicant.
  11. Good idea, I have created a whatsapp group for ICT NOCs people interested in oinp in 2018. I am also in same boat.

    Please join only if you have ICT NOC code, so we can focus on ICT related information.

    Please click link below to join :

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  12. Has anyone an idea if Ontario will do the next thing in their upcoming PNPs ?
  13. Not able to understand your question.
  14. Sorry, there was a typo, what I meant, the same thing next PNP invitations (ICT tweaking to their program)

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