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Ontario enterpreneur stream

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Imran_Atif, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Hello. I am planning to apply for Ontario enterpreneur stream. If anyone here also in this process or already get it then please give suggestions/advice. Thanks
  2. I am also applying for this scheme and planning to visit ontario this September.

    Which country you from from Imran_arif ?
  3. I am from Pakistan
  4. So which business are you looking for? I am thinking about long haul trucking business.
  5. Have you found any good consultant to do your case? Did you visit Ontario before?
  6. No. I didn't visit and still trying to find good and economical consultant. What about you?
  7. Hi ,

    Guys mind sharing some basic info on this business stream ??
    -Is it compulsory to visit Canada before applying for EOI ? i mean they will ask how you prepared the Business plan if you have never been to canada right?
    - Any business idea or a franchise is eligible for outside GTA area ?
    - They give one year visa and then provincial nomination if business is implemented right? during that one year what is he status of dependents whether they can get education and health ?

    Thanks for your time

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