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***Ontario Driving License***

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rossei, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Can the G1 test be taken while under a Temporary Resident Visa? Visa-exempt country, so nothing but a stamp in the foreign passport to show.
  2. You can probably take G1 Written Test, however with that, you can only drive/learn when a G-licensed driver with minimum 4 years of experience is riding with you. To take G2 Road Test, you will have to wait minimum 8 months after G1 Written Test. Hence, a visitor normally doesn't apply for license here.

    This is what MTO says,
    • If you are a visitor to Ontario and want to drive while you are here, you must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver's licence from your own province, state or country.
    • If you are from another country and visiting Ontario for more than three months, you need an International Driver's Permit (IDP) from your own country.
    • If you are taking up residence, you must get an Ontario driver's licence.
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    Hi @Rossei .... Could you kindly help answer my below question ...

    I have a driving license from US that expired in 2015 (it was valid for 3 years), and then currently I have a UK driving licence (since April 2017). I have always had an Indian driving licence since 2005 and valid till 2021.

    Will these driving licences help me in getting my G1 and/or G2 test waiting time waived off?
  4. Yes provided you can produce driving abstract from issuing country and a valid license. Since your US license expired, you will have to bring driving abstract from India (UK one won't credit you anything as it's very recent).

    Follow the table I posted at Post# 22 on Page 2.
  5. Hi @Rossei

    I got my driving license from Bangladesh which is issued in 2010. Therefore, I can most probably sit for G license straight after G1. Now, some people telling me if I go for G license straight and skip G2 my insurance will be higher. Is that true?

    Also suppose if I give the G2 license test and pass it then do I have to wait 12 months for the G license test?

    Thanks for your help.
  6. i have one question please , do they take the original driving license when applying for the credits or just see it and take a copy and giving it back to us ?
  7. I'm not sure but it seems unlikely. However, the age of your Canadian license, whether it's G2 or G, has an impact on your insurance premium. The older the license, the more experience you got, the less you pay.

    Again not sure. If you show your BD license+abstract after G2, they may allow you to take G anytime.
  8. They will probably make a copy of it and keep the original driving record.
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  9. In addition to what asnight mentioned, please try and get the driving history from your current auto insurance company as well. This will help in getting the auto insurance more smoothly. In my case they asked me both, the driving extract from the issuing authority as well as the experience letter from the auto insurance. It was after a few phone calls and explanations they realized that the driving abstract from the issuing authority from the US state should be more than enough. Usually they ask for atleast last 5 years, so if you have moved states in the US within last 5 years you might also want to get the abstract from the other states where you previously held the license in.
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  10. Guys, I have a friend coming from India and he has more than 23 months of driving experience there. He has also got the abstract from the licensing authority in India. Couple of questions:
    1) My friend plans to live with me and will be sharing my car until he gets settled. Can I get him added as a driver on my insurance? If yes, would there be any specific requirements apart from the Ontario license and the abstract?
    2) Given the fact that myself and my spouse are already registered drivers for my car, would there be any restrictions on the no of drivers that you can have on a vehicle?
  11. Also, is there any specific format or specific content that is expected in the drivers abstract document?
  12. Guys any suggestions on my question above?

  13. Hi @Rossei , Thanks for the detailed post. It really helps to understand DL procedures in Ontario.

    I am planning to land in Toronto in April 18. I do have a driving license in my home country but I got it really really long back ( ie in 1999). However, I really haven't driven much as I was always lucky to get a driver. Looking at your post I can see that my country ie India is not in the list and I will have to probably work out the list of those documents enlisted by you , to see if I can get any time waiver for writing G1 and G2 tests.

    I have 2 queries on the document list you have mentioned and few other queries as follows :

    1) Among the list of documents that you have listed, could you pls clarify these 2 items :
    a) A valid driving license with an expiry date : Does this DL need to have the address same as my passport or it could be my temporary address at the time of getting the DL long back?

    b) What exactly is this document: "official letter of authentication/ driver’s abstract (less than 6 months old) from your country’s licensing authority/embassy which clearly states number of years of experience" . What is the exact content of these documents and what exactly the meaning? Also, Is there any format for these as per Canadian/Ontario requirement or is it given by local licensing authority as per their local formats? Can you pls help me understand this. I am getting a bit confused.

    2) Other queries:
    a) I heard there is something called "International Driving license". If I get this from my home country (India) , can I use it for driving in Canada? I am planning to land in end of April 2018.
    b) Since I hardly have actually driven inspite of having a license for so many years in my home country, just wanted to take advise, if I should enroll for Ontario's driving classes properly ( however this seems like a long wait to get a G license ) or try to get some concession on time by arranging for these certificates/documents. Also, do have have any idea about the costs of taking full course in Ontario?
    c) Also, is there any government link/website where I can read Ontario DL process in detail?


  14. I got the driving history in October 2017, but I did't get anything from auto insurance company. Since I have no car in my name, I think I should be okay on the front. I have had a license since December 2012. I think I just completed 5 years. But my NJ license was only from March 2013. I am in Toronto are and I still have to go to a service Ontario or which ever place they do this. My abstract is dated on Oct 2017. I just hope its not too old for them.
  15. I believe that should be okay. My driving record was done in August 2017. I moved here in August end, and I applied to DL in September end.

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