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ONLY - Who submitted CIC-AINP(SRS-U.S. Visa Holder Category) application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by chow, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Detroit is taking forever. My file got transfered on 5th Jan 2011.....still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Did they ask you for any additional documents during this period ? This is worrying because mine is transferred recently.

  3. May be you can send an email, bz 90 days over. hopy you should get reply ppr

    Thank you

  4. 90 days since what date ?
  5. File transfer

  6. What about people who did not get a file transfer.
  7. wait

  8. I suggest you should contact the Detroit office. Detroit used to be fast, my file transfered the same day as yours however I got my passport request on Jan 21st. Have you got any documents requests?
  9. That is what everyone is doing.
  10. Kakay got his PPR from Detroit today. His files was transferrred last 22nd of March.
  11. What is your time line.?

  12. . You are the luck one ....... I m thinking to send them a email coming week let's hope !!!!
  13. Ya they ask me for my IRS tax papers and employer reference letter
  14. thanks lee !!! Hope so you are right and I get my PR soon 
  15. AINP Nomination in Jan 2010.
    Applied in May 2010.
    AOR in Sept 2010
    Medicals in Sept 2010.

    No news from Buffalo after that.

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