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online application timeline for August 2018 applicant from canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by 121345, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    Any one applied canada trv on aug from Canada.
    i am applied 4th august 2018.
  2. Hi,

    Any one applied canada trv on aug from Canada.
    i am applied Canada trv online 4th august 2018.
  3. I have applied for visitor visa on 6th Aug 2018. Hope for the best. :) Do you the the current timeline?
  4. I applied online for my mother today 9th of August. No update just a message saying application has been submitted

  5. today 9th of August. ????
  6. Oops sorry ..I meant 7th ...

  7. what is your time time line and what the status of ur application.are u applied from canada online.
  8. Applied on the 7th of Aug and got a submission confirmation . Yes from Canada omlion
  9. Hi,

    yesterday I applied online 14th of august from KSA for supervisa.
  10. Hi. I will apply online for my mother from canada. Would appreciate if anyone can answer a few questions I have.
    1. Am I supposed to pay the fee online before the application submission and scan the print out of the payment or is there an option to pay online while submitting the application?
    2 what about the photographs.Does my mother need to submit them with biometric? Where can we pay for biometrics in Islamabad, Pakistan.
    3 what format is to upload the documents pdf or some other?
    Thank you for helping.
  11. I applied on aug 14 for my mother online

    Got confirmation same day , permanent resident, put all the documents that is needed

  12. Any update for your VISA.
  13. Date of application - 14 August
    Visa office - New Delhi
    File # 14 August
    Ppr request - 22 August

    I m Canadian citizen living in Canada from last 8 years .applied for my mom
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  14. Congrats !

    Could you share list of documents which is attached for her mother VISA.
  15. Hello,

    Did you submit your mother’s passport yet?

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