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One way to ticket to Vancouver but plans on coming back home from USA?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nicole93, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. My dad is applying for a Visitor Visa and is thinking of purchasing an airline ticket so he can accompany my son and I, who are both PR, back to Canada and come for a short vacation.

    So the plan is that three of us will buy a one-way ticket to Vancouver, and then once we land and figure out the date (maybe a week from landing), buy a ticket to Los Angeles, USA (we all have US visas already) and then spend maybe two weeks there. and from there, my son and I will return back to Vancouver and my dad will fly back to the Philippines from Los Angeles, USA.

    We are thinking of purchasing the one way ticket to Canada and his ticket from USA to the Philippines beforehand since the dates are easier to decide. We are unsure yet when we plan to go to the states and it's way cheaper for my dad to fly home from LA, rather than go back to Vancouver THEN go back to the Philippines.

    I read about the possibility of the airlines declining people with one-way tickets to board the plane, but what do you guys think of the probability if he's able to provide proof that he will go home from USA to Philippines?

    My dad has his own business and high income to show as proof that he intends to go home. The rest of our family is in the Philippines (my mom, my brother, my grandmother).

    side note: he was issued a visa in 2016, but couldn't push through with the trip cause an emergency came up. so it's been expired for a long time
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    Even if he is allowed to board, there’s a good chance he won’t get past Philippine immigration officials (or emigration, whatever) on a one-way ticket and a TRV.

    I mean, I believe your dad’s intent, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk of getting grilled by the Philippine IO and getting offboarded. Or them fishing for bribes if you say your dad is well-off and will bring documents to prove it.

    Unless someone here has had this experience and says it’s possible. But from my experience, a return ticket is a must on a tourist visa for a Philippine passport holder.

    The most logical suggestion is to fix the dates and don’t leave it open-ended. Preferably an open-jaw ticket (“multi-city” on the PAL website) on a single booking for MNL-YVR and LAX-MNL. He shouldn’t have to show the YVR-LAX leg but it’s preferable if he does.

    Also, do not buy tickets to Canada until the visas are approved, even if your dad may qualify for CAN+.
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  3. You will need either a return ticket or an onward ticket from Canada before they let you board. Trust me, I’ve tried several angles in this one and a one way ticket results in refused boarding.
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