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On BOWP, PR rejected - what happens?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by rboughton, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. If I am on a BOWP and my CEC PR gets rejected, how long do I have to leave the country or apply for a new work permit?

    I tried searching the forums but I couldnt see anything.
  2. as for as i know,you can continue to work until BOWP expire date.

    lets wait for senior inputs on this.
  3. You have to provide more detail about work permit expiration and what was a reason that you got rejected. You should post rejection letter to get better help.
  4. I haven't been rejected yet. Just trying to plan ahead if it does happen. I just applied for BOWP so lets say it expires a year from now. My current work visa expires 14 August.
  5. You are fine until the expiry date. The issuance of the BOWP is based on your PR application however the its validity is not linked to the result.

    Read the notes under "Conditions" on your BOWP.
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  6. That is awesome!! Thank you
  7. I know they say to apply for your BOWP 4 months out form the expiry of your current work visa but in the case here where you were hypothetically got rejected but you wanted to apply for your BOWP at the latest possible moment so you can get the most out of your BOWP, what is a good time to apply for this?
  8. Come on, Don't be that Negative.. :eek: 8)
  9. I have to prepare myself for the worst Bickyii! Otherwise I would cry myself into a hole somewhere when the reject letter does come. Either that or I will have a heart attack.
  10. I totally understand that, i always get anxious till I see that paper or email saying you got it sucker!

  11. I hope I'm still covered by BC medical when I have my heart attack/rejection letter.
  12. Can I put a different spin on this?

    If I've submitted for BOWP, but PR got refused in the middle of the BOWP being processed. What happens now?
  13. You are asking this question when you have already received medical request?

    You are almost there buddy

  14. Question is from July, before OP's MR was received :)

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