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OINP Master and PhD Stream 2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by kphan03, May 1, 2019.

  1. I have the same question, but got no help here yet. Hope somebody gets an answer. I think we can call CIC.
  2. Applied: June 10th 2019
    Assessed: June 20th
    DIP: June 25th
    Waiting for decision.
    The timeline is estimate since I didn't record the dates.

  3. Hi bro,

    you got AOR really quickly, thats great. can you please tell when did they received you Application package by mail,??? so that we can have an idea how much time they're taking to send AOR these days
  4. They don't need any proof of funds at this stage, neither do we have to show any bank statement, fund etc with our PR application.
  5. I sent my documents in 11th june via Canada post, they recieved the package on 13 June.
  6. Please help. I am nominated under the OINP PhD graduate stream. Do I need to submit IELTS for the PR application?.
  7. Yes you need to submit a copy of IELTS result. Its clearly mentioned in Document Checklist for PR application.
  8. . Thank you Qadir Gondal for the reply. The document checklist is a general checklist for all the PNP classes. This is what the CIC say about the PNP language requirements

    The following explains when an applicant must include a language assessment with their application and what to do if it is required and not included:

    • If the province or territory selected “yes” in the “Test required”, then the applicant must include a copy of the language test with their application, in addition to all other documents listed in the document checklist for PNP applicants, for it to be considered a complete application.
    • If an application for permanent residence for which a PT selected “yes” in the “Test Required?” column does not include a copy of valid language test results, then the application will be considered incomplete and the CIO will return the entire application package to the applicant.
    • If the province or territory selected “no” in the “Test Required", then the province or territory has determined that the applicant meets one of the exceptions and the applicant is not required to include a copy of language test results with their application for permanent residence.
    Since Ontario does not require IELTS test for the nomination, it may not also required by CIC.
  9. I'm not too sure about PhD class applicants, but for Masters Stream IELTS result was mandatory and it was uploaded in application portal while applying for OINP.
  10. Hi, I received my nomination last week and now getting ready to file for PR application. there's a requirement to submit birth certificate along with the documents, do I need to submit attested copy of my birth certificate or only simple English copy is fine?
  11. Hi, Just wondering if anyone under the master stream still waiting for the approval.
    My timeline looks strange.

    Submitted: May 13, 2019
    Assessment: May 31, 2019
    DIP: June 18, 2019
    Still waiting for approval

    I was called twice and been told the processing time for the master stream is 60-90days. But the official website shows 30-60days. Really frustrating:(
  12. did u sent the Canadian police certificate in the envelope u received it (closed) or did u open it and attached with the rest of the documents?
  13. I mailed my paper PR app from the US on July 19. I didn't overnight it, figuring that if the wait is 15-19 months, an extra week won't make a difference. Haven't received AOR yet. Is that done by email?
  14. No, I do not have PCC at that time and I don't want to wait, (that's also available in checklist no 15.) So I submitted without PCC. I already got my PCC, will submit when they request it.
  15. did you submit your file? any update yet?

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