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OINP - HCP Stream - Application Submitted in July 2017

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by anwar01, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Dear All,

    Please join this thread if you have submitted your OINP application in July 2017. We can share the timelines and status of application to keep us busy and hopeful along all the way to Nomination.

    My timeline is

    Profile recreated : 23rd June 2017
    CRS = 410
    NOI Recieved : 23rd June 2017
    Application Submitted: 6th July 2017

    Since then it is in submitted status.
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  2. Oops!! Mistakenly 3 threads created due to bad internet speed. Please make this one alive.
  3. Me too submitted 6 th July .
    Nothing happened till yet
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  4. Good to hear some one else is there with same boat as me. What is your CRS? when did you got NOI? NOC?
  5. Hi people
    CRS 395 , NOC :2173
    received NOI on 29th June
    submitted NOI On 7th July
    status : submitted
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  6. I was at 418 lost 5 points due to bday and standing at 413 now. Received NOI somewhere around start of June was holding it in hope of direct ITA. Seeing the draw at 449 just applied for oinp.
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  7. Send me your numbers everyone will create a wattsapp group for everyone submitting oinp in july
  8. Welcome!! I hope status will be changed by next week Wednesday. I was following some people who submitted in June, usually they changed status from Wednesday to Friday.
  9. Hi guys,

    CRS 337, NOC: 2281
    received NOI: 30th June
    submitted NOI: 9th July
    status: submitted
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  10. I don't think draw will come to 410s in near future. It might take min. 4 to 5 back to back draw to decrease the CRS. U took wise decision! According to some forum GURUs PNP applications are processed fast as they don't have to check for eligibility and FSW criteria, which is already done by OINP.
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  11. Welcome to the pool.
  12. Thanks that's what I hope for. Hope Nominations should not have filled by the time I applied as Ontario lowered it's CRS score later
  13. I mistakenly forget to mention the reason for gaps in between switching jobs in my application, one was 2 months and other was almost 6 months. It has been seen in some previous candidates nomination process that OINP is very kind in this regard, they ask you about any missing information/document before processing your application. Lets c. fingers crossed.
  14. Anything happened on anyones application till now ? Mine is still submitted
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