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OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by NAS29, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to thread. I just want check the eligibility for ONIP - Employer Job Offer stream. I'm working in Toronto in work permit for the last one year and have job offer with my employer to apply in this category.

    But I wanted to check what is the IELTS score level is needed. I have a score of (R:6, W:5.5, L:7.5, S: 7) and I'm not sure whether I'm eligible to apply with this score.

    Could someone help / guide me in this regards?
  2. Hi there,
    If you are eligible for ONIP, then you don't need ILETS.
  3. Thanks for your response. But i want to know whether just having job offer and work permit with 1yr working exps in Toronto will make me eligible for this process. Need some additional guidance on this one.
  4. So there are two types of Employer Job Offer,

    The first one is Foreign Worker stream and the other one is international student stream.

    The foreign worker stream requires you to have 2 years work experience either in Canada or outside Canada (and also this can be accumulated, so you can add you 1 year experience in Canada to your 1 year experience in - let's say Dubia). - so that adds up to 2years ( within the last 5 years).
    For more info: https://www.ontario.ca/page/oinp-employer-job-offer-foreign-worker-stream

    The international student stream requires you to have at least 2 years program education in Canada and at least 1 year experience I believe. The thing is that this stream is paused right now until further notice.
    For more info: https://www.ontario.ca/page/oinp-employer-job-offer-international-student-stream

    Good luck
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  5. HI Zuperman

    Please help me with to solve my query

    as you said that Foreign job worker stream has paused and i also check that it has been paused on 26th april 2019 and may be open later this year.

    I just want to know does pausing of stream has any effect on LMIA job offer process means can one continue the LMIA process if the above said international job offer stream has paused its intake of cases
    one has to wait till the stream open again

    Is there any relation in between LMIA job offer process and employee job offer stream.
    what i think that suppose the stream open in january then from today sept to January there are 5 months and in these 5 months LMIA approval for job can be done or we cant do this because of paused of job offer stream

    please reply , its very urgent
  6. I’m not sure about this

    I don’t have any information regarding this
  7. Hi there,

    I need your advice please. I am an engineer (not licensed) working in the engineering field in Ontario and I want to apply to Ontario PNP. I know that engineering is a regulated occupation in Ontario and I have to get a license if I want to use one of the reserved title.

    But I wonder if I can apply to OPNP if I had a job offer with the same NOC as mechanical engineer and same duties but with different title like designer for example and I will work under the direct supervision of licensed professional engineers who will always check and sign my work.

    Also can I apply for OPNP before getting an invitation to apply from Ontario?
  8. For your kind information i just watched on ontario .ca site that ontario pnp employer job offer stream has opened on 27th aug 2019
  9. Hi guys, anyone here applied for the OINP (PNP) Foreign worker stream? if so, can you please post your progress? Did anyone get their status changed from Submitted to something else?
  10. I've applied on Sep 3 and is still in submitted.
    And you?
  11. Wow.. I did it on 9th. So, looks like my application is long way away from yours if your thingy is not yet picked.
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  12. I'm so anxious! I enter the site every day, two or three times a day to check ... I don't know how I'm going to do!
    What stream did you apply? I am on Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream.
  13. Hello all
    I just want to know if somebody has a lmia job offer , then should he require to show 3 or 6 month old funds in his account
  14. Same, foreign worker offer stream. Fingers crossed. Mainly for the time taken.
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  15. Yes! fingers crossed! I'll let you know if I have movements on my account.

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