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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SIMRAN0001, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Join here who applied for Ontario PNP under Skilled Trade Stream...........
  2. OINP Skilled Trade Stream
    NOI received on 28th March 2018
    Applied for PNP on 28th March 2018
    Status Changed From Submitted to Assessment on 4th April 2018
    Still Waiting for decision!!!
  3. did you get it approved yet ? or still waiting ?
  4. I got it approved after 32 days.
    Filed on 28 march 2018
    Approved on 30 April 2018
  5. that's great !! i applied on 24th July and still waiting.
    its been 51 days
  6. do you know anyone who applied in the same timeline ???
  7. Hey guys can u tell me that we need any crs score to be eligible for skilled stream pnp.
  8. Did we need any crs score for skilled stream pnp .
  9. Anybody got NOI in ST in this week or last week?
  10. No NOIs have been issued to ST stream since July 2018, according to OINP website... I'm waiting too, hoping it will happen soon.
  11. Hey guys i got a email from visa officer about intent to refuse application. They gave me 30 days to submit my document. They said my duties didn’t match the noc code duties . Baker 6332. Any one can suggest something
  12. Yes 2 of my friend received NOI in october
  13. Check job duties on CIC web site
  14. Hey jaspreet , do i have to write same duties as written on 6332 noc on cic website

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