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OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rajkamalmohanram, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Hi Guys I got NOI today also
    NOC 2147 Outland
    CRS Score: 439
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  2. 438 so sad , hoping some more nois to be sent next week
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    is this last tech draw for this year?
  4. Those who got invites on 31st May 2019 draw deadline is 15th July right ?
    can anyone confim the time will b calculated based on GST or EST ?
  5. Can someone please help?

    My friend has following work experience;

    Current, Company X (1.5 years, not claiming points)
    Previously, Company Y (4 years, claiming points)

    For OINP, does he need reference letter from Company X also?

    Note: Company X is not listed in work history of EE profile.
  6. If within the last 10 years then yes
  7. Yes, it is required if it is a part of last 10 years of work experience.
  8. And if we do not have the reference letters for all the companies?? And no option to get them also?? What is the alternative?
  9. Is the first month and last month of paystub required in OINP application? I am afraid I can’t get it cuz it’s paid in cash cuz I got my routing number wrong.
  10. Thanks nitin. But what if this noc is not the primary noc? Would it be a problem? He was under impression that this noc experience can be listed in personal history.
  11. Thanks kathik. Even when its not the primary noc? and can the letter just say he is working at company A from x to x and designation abc and exclude job duties? or its mandatory to list those job duties as well.
  12. Hii Nitin, I got d EOI and want to join d group, couldn't see the link . could you please help me?
  13. Please check my signature for the link and join (visible when you login from desktop/laptop)
  14. I got NOI (tech draw) and have some questions, maybe someone had experience:

    1. My spouse has foreign Master's degree and we included it to the EE profile (for points). But in OINP application only asked about Canadian degree.
    Do I need to include this info to the OTHER section?
    Same question for marriage certificate.

    2. WORK EXPERIENCE I have:
    - more that 1 year in Canada (main NOC 2175) with all mandatory and optional documents;
    - 2 year foreign work 2010-2012 years NOC6222 with reference letter and letter from revenue agency with salary and taxes.
    Between this periods I had unemployment/training personal time. And I had 5 month official self-employment (foreign experience), but I can not obtain contracts/reference letters to confirm it. I did not use it for EE points. So I think include this to the personal (training) period with comments that I can not obtain mandatory documents.


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