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OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rajkamalmohanram, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. No, it will not cancel your application, but you need to complete a Change of Personal Information form:

    See the instructions on page 26 of the Application Guide (page 31 of the PDF):

    5.4 Changes in Personal Information
    The OINP must be notified if there are any changes to the information provided in your application, including (but not limited to):
     Change in contact information
     Change in immigration status (expiration or change in temporary work permit)
     Change in family composition due to:
    o Marriage or common-law relationship
    o Birth of a child
    o Change of custody of a child
    o Divorce/separation
    o Death

    Changes to your primary telephone number, email address and country of residence can be made online by logging into the OINP e-Filing Portal and clicking on “My Profile” on your main page. After the change has been made, click “Save”.

    For all other changes, you must complete the Change of Personal Information form.

    This form must also be used to a request a correction of a data entry error (i.e. spelling mistake) in your name or your date of birth made while registering. Note: The program will not accept requests for complete name or date of birth changes.

    Once the form is completed, you must send it by email as an attachment to ontarionominee@ontario.ca indicating in the subject line “Application Change Notice – [File number]”. If you are requesting a correction to your name or date of birth, please also include the personal details page of your passport to validate your request.

    Failure to notify the OINP of any changes to personal information will impact the outcome of OINP and IRCC applications.
  2. Hi friends, a question for those that have already been nominated - @mcassim87 @erridja100 @sandominic @adijune @jkriek123

    Once the nomination has been issued by OINP, what is the status that gets reflected on the OINP E-portal ? Does it say 'Approved' or does it say ' Decision Made' or does it always remain in ' Decision in Progress' even though nomination has already been issued?

    The reason I'm asking this is that even though quota for the year 2017 has exhausted as per OINP update issued on 22nd Nov and nominations will be issued only in early 2018 there is a fair chance that for some applications may still get approved by OINP by the end of this year. We may not receive nomination - 600 points mail in our EE profile -My CIC account but the status in E-portal may change to indicate that a final decision has been made. Therefore I'm trying to find out what word OINP uses in their E-portal when the application has been approved, what should we look out for.

    Thanks !!
  3. Hi
    Thanks a lot for your response.

    I dont know if I have 67 points in FSW. How do i check that :(
    Im 29 years old.
    My NOC is 2171 - Business Analyst
  4. It will be shown as Approved, only when you accept the nomination in EE profile, that's what OINP guy told me when I called them after my nomination. And nomination certificate will be issued after accepting as well
  5. Does the status change happen only in working hours?
  6. Hello friends, I havereceived ADR from the OINP and I still have doubt in terms of notarization. First, I think the OINP only requires the translation (English version) of documents to be notarized if the documents are not in English, am I right on this question? Second, the local notary office normally notarizes the photocopy of document is in conformity with the original and also put those sentences on the notary certificate,such as the English copy is in conformity with the original. Is this notary certificate proper for the OINP requirements? Thanks in advance , the OINP asked me to provide notarized documents between 14days,therefore I need to figure it out.
  7. What if my score is 370 and always have been and I received an NOI and then when I submitted my application they refused it because my score is less than 400. Why in the first place would they send me an NOI if I do not qualify. will I get my fees back?

  8. Thanks for your reply buddy. It clears things.
  9. Dont update it in express entry , first email oinp for the change in status.when u get response from oinp then update it in express entry profile.
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  10. My CRS score is 391..what are the chances of getting nomination by oinp..my NOC is 2241
  11. They have sent NOI only for ICT applicants, if your NOC is among the ICT list, they will consider your application even if its under 400. Has your application been rejected? When did you get the NOI and when did you submit it
  12. Hi my NOC is 1112 with CRS 405, what are my chances to get NOI as I hv seen very few applicants with this NOC
  13. I think u shuld get once Ontario opens..i had got in june when they announced priorities for ICT Sector..my Noc 1112 with 400score

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