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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iravlad, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. AOR: Oct 17.

    How do we access the Whatsapp Group??
  2. AOR: Oct 15th.
    No MEP yet.

    I'm guessing that's nothing to be concerned about?
    The Medical clinic I had my examination at said they'd call within 10 days if there were any abnormal results.
  3. MEP Nov 7
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  4. Inland CEC
    AOR: October 15th
    MEP: November 8th

    Pending Background.
  5. Background Check: in progress
    Eligibility Check: not start
  6. ITA Oct 02
    AOR Oct 14
    Medical Pass Nov 08
    My profile got update for Biometrics Number and expiry date: June 17, 2025. Does it meant that I don't need to give Biometrics again?
    It said "we are processing your background check, we will send you a message if we need more information". does it meant I'm on IP1 or IP2?

    Thank you
  7. Tbh, most of us on this particular thread are submitting for the first time so till people start getting pr, we wouldn't know if it's ip1 or 2, I have the same BG message too
  8. This morning, current status became "Application/profile updated".
    However, there are no emails or other changes.
  9. MEP: November 12th. Background check is now processing.
  10. AOR - 20th Oct

    No update yet after that.

    Hope everything is good as i have not even got MEP
  11. AOR - Oct 16
    MEP - Nov 12
    ADR - Nov 12 (RCMP criminal record check)
  12. Does everyone get this RCMP request
  13. According to below everyone is in "false IP2"

    If you have an AOR of 31 Dec 2018 or later, follow the chart below to track your progress. Candidates will remain in a state of 'False IP2' throughout their application and only see a series of 'ghost updates' following their MEP; the first such ghost update (which should follow shortly after MEP) will signify your Real IP1, the second ghost update will signify your Real IP2, and the third will be your ‘Final’ Ghost Update, following which you are likely to receive your PPR.

  14. CEC Inland
    AOR - Oct 19
    MEP - November 13
    PCC Replacement - November 13, ( PCC from Japan )
  15. Today, my profile shows the application is 31% complete, and the estimated remaining time is 4 months.


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