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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iravlad, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Let's share our CEC application progress here. Our AOR - 17 October 2019. CEC main applicant inland. Family of four. Spouse and dependents outside Canada. ITA got on September 4. Upfront medical exam - September 16.
  2. CEC inland
    AOR Oct 12
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  3. CEC inland
    AOR Oct 07
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  4. Hello All,
    CEC inland
    Submitted October 19th
    AOR: Oct 19th
    Goodluck everyone!
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  5. Thank you:)

    It was a long journey for a lot of us to come to this "AOR in October". I wish these steps were the fastest and yes, the luckiest:)
  6. Hi All,

    CEC Inland
    AOR 5th October.
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  7. CEC inland :)
    AOR October 3rd, 2019.
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  8. CEC inland
    AOR - Oct 16th
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  9. anybody got MEP for October? :)
  10. many applicants did. there is AOR October what's app group and some kind of statistics being done there. Some of applicants got their MEP on 9-th day after AOR but the majority within 2-3 weeks.
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  11. Yeah. I was not part of any whatsapp group. I prefer to read updates in the forum instead. Aor Oct 9 no mep yet.
  12. Status update:

    CEC inland
    AOR Oct 3rd, 2019
    MEP Oct 29
    Currently in IP2, probably same day as MEP cause I did not login everyday nor receive any email.

    My BOWP changes to in progress too which I submitted on Oct 8.
  13. It seems kinda slow for CEC but it's all good.
  14. Hello All,
    CEC inland
    Submitted October 18th
    AOR: Oct 19th
  15. MEP Nov 04
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