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>>> October 2019 AOR - tracking <<<< Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Thank you once again. I will try calling the IRCC and weigh my options and take a decision. You guys have been a great help. Thank you.
  2. Please share how it all goes.
  3. OCT 2 ITA
    OCT 5 AOR
  4. @andy108

    Please add me to the group.
    I am about to submit eAPR in a couple of hours. ITA- 2nd October
  5. Both were added guys!
  6. Strange things happening with me.. .recieved ITA on 2 October n now when I reached documents checklist system asking for accompanying spouse work reference letter. ..inspite of being non canadian work history. .is it normal. ??
  7. It's asking for a letter because you entered it in ee profile?
  8. So was there any way to avoid this other than hiding from cic
  9. You can mention NO In the ee profile as it asks because of points for spouse canadian experience. Later you could mention it honestly regarding her work experience outside of Canada. Or mark as unemployed.

    In my case, i declared it post ITA
  10. Hi, ITA received on aug 20..
    Aor on Oct 5th..

    Can you please add me to the WhatsApp group
  11. Received AoR on October 5th 2019.
  12. You can mention it in personal history in the form AFAIK, just no in EE profile, it will be asked in this case.
  13. I've invited you guys!
  14. Hi Guys, is there any WhatsApp group for Oct AORs? Can anyone please invite me
  15. You have been invited.
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