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Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Moe..., Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Ok. My mistake.
    Soon processing time for passport application in Canada will be few years ;D ;D ;D
  2. The important thing is that you are a citizen now! My sincere congratulations!
  3. Thanks.
    Wish you all the best too.
  4. Hello Everyone.

    I realized I didn't share my status and wanted to share since it was an odd process. I received RQ and after submitting the documents and passing the test, I was scheduled for an interview with the judge. When I went for the interview, I was told by the Judge that the interview shouldn't have been scheduled and interview didn't happen and I was told that I will hear from CIC. Couple of months later I called CIC and they told me that my application has been approved and received citizenship 8 months after and the whole process took 2 years 8 months.
  5. Today, finally I got oath letter 63 months after my application. I almost cried.

    I think that my case is the one of the worst case in this forum.
    The reason why I posted it is for giving hope to our brothers and sisters passing very long dark tunnel.

    This is my timeline and what happened.

    <Local Office : Mississauga, ON>

    2010 Dec : Applied
    2011 Sep : Test in Hamilton Office (because our home was moved to Hamilton)
    2011 Oct : RQ requested / RQ docs submitted within 3 days
    2011 - 2015 : Our files were transferred to St. Clair office

    2015 Mar : Citizenship Judge Hearing for 2.5 hrs ==> Very thorough investigation (in Mississauga Office again, because our home was returned back to Mississauga)
    2015 Mar : We submitted additional docs that CJ requested 1 day right after Hearing. CJ was satisfied by our swift preparation.
    2015 Mar : CJ approved our citizenship 2 days after hearing

    2015 Apr : CIC disagreed CJ decision and appealed our case to the Federal Court (St. Clair officer did it)
    2015 Oct : Federal Court Judge Hearing ==> Because we didn't understand processes and didn't have enough finance, we had to fight against CIC's lawyer by ourselves. We pointed out the critical error of CIC's insistences in terms of the fact and the perspective. Hearing was approximately 90 minutes.
    2015 Oct : Federal Court Judge decided to agree original CJ's decision 1 week after Hearing. Originally Judge said it could take up to 4 months, but he actually decided to support us almost immediately
    2015 Nov : CIC St. Clair local office recognized the Federal Court decision

    2016 Feb 25 : eCas became "Decision Made"
    2016 Mar 16 : Oath Letter
    2016 Mar 29 : Oath Ceremony at St. Clair office

    We extremely are exhausted and we cannot feel we really will become Canadian yet even though we got oath letter today.

    Cheer up all our companions who got RQ.
  6. Sorry to hear that David. But happy you got it at last :)


    Need your expert advise and help.

    I am applying under the 1460 day rule. I have 4 entries outside the country totaling 110 days of travel to usa and other country.

    How many days of buffer is recommended to be on the safe side to avoid an RQ before submitting the application ?

    I am submitting my application alone and not with the family.

    Thank you all for your help and response.
  7. Hi Diamondstar
    I applied with more than 4 months of buffer, but still according to the border officer, since I was "flagged by an officer in 2011 and then again in 2016 for questions around residency" my application became non-routine and I was issued an RQ for my PR renewal as well as my Citizenship application. I am now at 36 months from application, with no oath date. So buffer might be a good idea, but still if they want to stall you, they will.

    My status!
    I received DECISION MADE 1.5 months ago. My test was in Sept, and on the phone, they told me "It could take up to 6 months after test, so call us back at the end of March for an update on Oath"... (St clair)

    Usually in this forum I see around 2-3 weeks from Decision to Oath, . I am well past that (again!!!), and dont see any ceremonies in St Clair or surrounding areas anytime soon:/
  8. I am in a similar boat as well. Decision made at the St Clair office for 2months now and still no oat invite.
  9. in 5 month of application received by st.clair office i reach upto finger print request.. still waiting for test invite.. :(
  10. Any one got Oath invite from St. Clair office recently?

    Decision made since November but still not Oath invite...pathetic
  11. I called the 1-800 call center last week, they said now that it has been 6 months since test, they will contact St Clair again to check the process.
    Not holding my breath.
    eCas is also not updating fast enough (although it says "daily updates", it is lagging 4 months behind in my case).
  12. There has been a petition calling on Liberals to remove language proficiency testing requirement from all eligible citizenship applicants. The reasons cited as follows:

    - Citizenship applicants must pass knowledge tests about Canada (the bar of pass mark is set high at 15 correct answers out of 20 questions), and also oral examinations with citizenship officers in either one of two official languages before they can take oaths of citizenship. Requiring applicants to provide evidences of language proficiency is an duplicated effort;
    - Government-funded language-training classes are already overloaded to accommodate new immigrants with language training needs, plus those only attend solely for language requirements for citizenship; and
    - Some classes of immigrants are not assessed against language proficiency when they first come. Most are still employable and integrate without the needs to prove upfront language-proficiency. It does not make sense the government will ask them to prove their motivations to speak English or French from a language requirement for citizenship. If the person need to upgrade his employability through language skills, it should be at his own-will.


    If you want to support this petition, please sign and ask yours to help sign it. The petition requires 550 signatures by June 2017 for the Liberals to consider this change.
  13. If you want to live in Canada, you should be able to "communicate in English or French".

    Petition doesn't make sense.

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