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Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Moe..., Feb 1, 2014.

  1. HI Kylink
    If you are employed and the nature of job require physical presence in Canada is the key for decision.
  2. No, I was self employed. Canada's entry exit system seems screwed up.Bcoz of their glitch, my C'ship is on the line.I tried my level best to prove.Judge mentioned that she really wanted me to grant the C'ship but missing of those stamps is critical.She said it will be 50/50.She also mentioned that her decision can also be challenged by the Cship Minister.Not sure what is going to happen.
  3. Sorry to know about your situation.
    You are right Canada's entry and exit system is screwed big time.
    The Liberals during their time used this tool to make it easy in granting citizenship whereas the con clowns
    instead of going after frauds used the same tool to give mental torture to honest applicant for years by slapping RQ.
    Hopefully your patience pays off and the judge rules to grant you citizenship.
  4. Today Ecas has been updated. It says "decision has been made and they will let me know within 3 months". Now my questions are

    1) if they reject a case, in that case would an applicant get to know immediately
    2)if case approves, do they mention on the Ecas or do they mention the same "decision made"
    3)Does it take 3 months or do we get to know before that

    Kindly let me know soon Thanks
  5. 1) Yes. An applicant will be informed by letter which is being send by prority service of Canada Post. Instead of "decision made" there would be something as "file closed";
    2) Also yes. This is happening with my friends and this forum members;
    3) Depends on local office.
  6. Is anyone here still awaits for the Oath from this godforsaken office ?
  7. Yes.

    Applied - May, 2012
    In process - January, 2013
    RQ - March, 2013
    RQ replied - April 2013
    Test - February, 2014
    File closed (CIC mistake) - September 2015
    Judicial review application - October, 2015
    File reopened - November, 2015
    Additional documents requested - December, 2015
    Waiting for Oath (Case Specific Enquiry reply) - January, 2016

    Around 9 ATIPS and 3 MP's requests during all the time.

    :) :) :) :) :) :)
  8. DONE!!!

    OATH on February 18, 2016

    Wish all the best to everyone in line.
  9. Hi OttawaBuddy,
    Why did they close your file?
    Also, did you win the judicial review or did they reopen your file before the result of the judicial review?
  10. HI Ottawa buddy

    Next step apply for passport
  11. Thanks to everyone!!!

    CIC closed my file because I was not able to provide requested document in 30 days term as it was requested.
    Department of Justice decided to settle this case before judicial review.

    Thanks God, Canmozu, Passport Canada works better than CIC. :D
  12. It's actually part of CIC =)
  13. It's separate government body.
    Following this logic everything will be part of CIC in Canada ;)
  14. You're wrong buddy.


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