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Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Moe..., Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Congratulation debonair388 … I am happy for you and I hope that you receive the oath letter very soon. Unfortunately no progress from my end. I ordered CBSA entry/exit report and I found that the only entry record appear in the CBSA report is the entry I did when I came back from my vacation (after I submitted my citizenship application) and another single exit record (when I went on another vacation in the beginning of this year). The funny thing appear in the report that there is no entry record when I re-enter Canada again after the second vacation (as ... if I am still outside of Canada since Jan. 2015). I sent a letter to CBSA about the mistakes in their report supported with a copy of my passport showing the entry stamps when I landed into Canada, and I am waiting for CBSA answer. I am not sure if this is the reason why I had this much delay/ complication in my citizenship application.
  2. I advise you to copy your passport with all entry/exist stamps, notarize it, and send it to CIC with an explanation letter. Send as many supporting documents as you can with it to prove you WERE in CANADA. Keep a copy and take it to your hearing and all will be fine.

    Best of luck Watu!

  3. Thank you for your reply. Once I receive the CBSA answer; I will appoint a lawyer to follow up with my case. I submitted every piece of document with the RQ's submittal to CIC to prove that I was leaving in Canada. I did not travel for 1095 to avoid this type of complication, and did not work ? I even submitted the air tickets and boarding cards + stamps.
  4. I had the same issue. Was told that everything is fine at the interview and sent RQ later. After ordering CBSA records it turned out that one of my entries was not recorded although I have a Canadian entry stamp in the passport and the ATIP confirms this was the reason for the RQ. Of course it was easy for the officer to resolve it in my interview since she flipped through the pages of my passport and recorded all Canadian entry stamp and for sure this one was recorded as well as it is very clear. However for reason not clear to me she neglected to do it and in the end I was the one who got s****ed. I sent notarized copies of my passport , letters explaining the situation and that it is not my fault hoping it will expedite things. Unfortunately it did not help and my record was in the heap of RQs for almost 20 months before finally being approved. I am still waiting for the ceremony.
  5. Sorry to hear Watu...I hope things work out very soon, I have faith that it will. I also dont know what DM is...this could be good/bad since I'm short 48 days...but God's willing I will be getting an oath letter soon :)
  6. I've read the thread from 300's page, don't see the point to go further.
    So I'll post my question regarding this mysterious St. Clair office,

    I've passed the test in Mississauga on 3rd June, and haven't heard anything regarding my Oath.
    I requested ATIP in August and it says in the last note:
    Responsible office: St. Clair CIC
    Description: File received from Mississauga CIC (mc)

    Don't want to sound arrogant, I know people in this St.Clair thread are waiting for their cases to be processed for 40+ months, and I have only applied for mine in October 2014. But just want to know if I should be prepared for the RQ (as I haven't got one before) if my primary office became St.Clair CIC.
  7. It is not a sure thing. You may or may not get an RQ. And yes, there are thousands of people who have been waiting for more than 44+ months to receive a single response from CIC St. Clair.
    I hope the current minister of Immigration Chris Alexander loses his seat in the upcoming fed election. He and his policies have ruined our lives.
  8. I hope entire government will change, Torys made this country the least desirable place to immigrate.
    By the way, called the CIC today, got the very friendly operator (operator with the pocket calculator).
    I have explained my situation, said that I know their 'processing time' policies, but want to clarify if my ATIP report's note regarding transfer means that I'm getting RQ.
    She opened the file and said she can't see anything regarding RQ and the transfer might be due to the work load in Mississauga.
    My file was transferred to St.Clair on July 23rd. I guess they would figure out by now what kind of RQ they need, right?

    On the negative note, how the hell St.Clair office is proper place to transfer work load if they have more than 100K RQ still in process ?
  9. I hope Jason 'backlog' Kenney and Chris 'I don't know' Alexander get the boot from the voters. They're responsible for lots of lives lost and ruined.
  10. 47 months and waiting.... Outrageous!
  11. I thought you said you were suing them months ago...
  12. I was told to wait it out (when I received my CIT0520) by a friend who is an immigration lawyer.
  13. After reading this forum for years finally here I am to join in with my citizenship story .. Lol

    AOR : 2015 JANUARY 21
    RQ : 2015 JANUARY 21
    REPLIED TO RQ : 2015 MARCH 01

    So I called CIC today after I recieved my very first ATIP .

    My rq still remains in scarborough ATIP simply says

    Notes 4
    Date : 2015 May 20
    Office : scarborough
    Text : rq Pacakage attached to file , to be sceduled for test .

    So I called CIC today asking what's going and this guy finally got in to my file and said this .

    You have passed all the security checks and now on test queue . So I asked according to my ATIP it says since 2015 May 20 TO BE SCEDULED FOR TEST so why this long for a test date . He responded back saying we only recieved your clearence on 2015 October 06 so that's the day you have been in the TEST queue as its not possible for tests without rcmp clearence ..

    Any one with similar sutuations ? Your comments greatly appreciated . If you are not exact about what you typing please do not reply ( no offense :p)

    Will my rq processed after my test?
    How long is from the clearence date to the test date ? ( fingerprints )
    Was the CIC agent was correct on the information he provided ?

    Thanks in advance ..
  14. This chain was so busy and now all of sudden big halt. I applied in Feb 2012. Already took test in 2014 20/20. RQ's couple of times with 2 different RQ's. recently invited for citizenship judge interview. few stamps were missing so they were not sure. It has been 2 weeks when I got interviewed. Still not sure what will happen. Citizenship judge was 50/50.
  15. The above explanation on First In First Out (FIFO) order is not correct. I have seen people who applied in Dec 2014 gone through despite getting an RQ. I myself got an RQ but wrote my test today so no one here can predict things and no one is an expert.

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