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Number of FSW 2013 applications received by CIC

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Md.Azad, May 10, 2013.

  1. Dear Sir,

    Is there any web address from where we can see the number of applications received by CIC ?

    I am just worried about cap fill up !

    Kind Regards,
  2. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/complete-applications.asp
  3. Please be aware than when CIC get round to updating this list (first update maybe in a week or two, and approximately weekly thereafter) this will represent applications which have been opened and have successfully passed the completeness check (and therefore count within the cap).

    It will not include received applications which have not been opened yet.

  4. Sir good day! My friend is a nurse by profession working in cardiology unit in a hospital. She is in-charged of ecg and 2d-echo. Is it possible for her to apply for fswp 3214 - Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists or 3215 - Medical radiation technologists category? I was able to read that medical technologist and/or radiation technologist are suitable for employment requirements.

    Thanks mucho.
  5. Did she attend school (college / university) for any of these specialties? If not, then she doesn't qualify.
  6. No she did not attend school for any of those required qualifications, however, her line of work as staff nurse in cardio unit for more than six years entails 2D-Echo Cardiography (basically imaging and sonography) and ECG. She wishes to work-out her work experience. To her mind, although she is no professional listed within the category of FSWP 3214 and/or 3215, her work experience especially the main duties are identical to those mentioned under the categories stated. Is it possible for her line of work to be credited for FSWP 3214 and 3215 even if the acad credentials she could give would only be BS Nursing?

    To simply, is it possible for a NURSE with a work experience for six years exactly similar/functioning as MEDICAL RADIATION TECHNOLOGIST to apply under FSWP 3215?
  7. She needs to meet the educational / licensing requirements outlined in the Employment Requirements section for each NOC (see link below). Does she meet the educational / licensing requirements?


  8. I'm afraid not. Thanks for the communication.
  9. I would also like to ask your thoughts on my case. It is somehow similar to my friend and I am worried on the points you have thrown to her case. I'm a pharmacist who have worked as full-time and part-time pharmacist from Feb 2007 up to May 2009. I have been working as full-time Pollution Control Officer FSWP 2263 in a university since June 2007 until present and part-time lecturer of the College of Pharmacy in the same university since June 2009 until present.

    Since there is no Pharmacist FSWP 3131 and College Instructor, I would like to apply for FSWP 2263 which is open now. It is only BS Pharmacy acad credentials which I could give. Is it possible?


  11. Strangely CIC has not updated the qouta status till now.
  12. CIC application status

    I have submitted my complete application to CIC and is delivered on 19th Aug 2013 as per the courier service website. It states on the site, that the package is delivered and signed by DEXTER. But i have not received any response from CIC in terms of AOR or any file number. now i am confused and tensed whether my application has genuinely reached the place where it has to reach. Also, the PO BOX on the website is showing some different number however the rest address is same as per what i had copy-pasted from the CIC website. How much time does it take for CIC to check and send the AOR?
    I hope and pray to God that it has reached to its right destination. :(
    Really tensed!!! :( :( :( :( :(
  13. Re: CIC application status

    Dear lisdondias,

    CIC doesn't send any email or regular post on receipt of any application. You are not going to get any infomration from them unless you send an inquiry email to them. By the way, you applied for NOC 2147 which is already filled-up. Unfortunately, you are not going to get chance this time; therefore prepare yourself for the next time if this NOC is available next time too. You can still send them an email inquiry if you want to do so; you will get their reply in 20 working days.

  14. Your application is being returned to you unprocessed. Based on your old posts, your application was received by CIC at the beginning of July. The cap for NOC 1112 was reached May 30th. Your application arrived too late.

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