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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by umarr.cole, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. You didn't receive that decision letter?
    Check your emails
  2. Congrats!
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  3. No i haven't received any decision letter. I called them and agent said sponsor approved and we won't have any email foe that. Only ecas. My gckey shows my eligibility started but agent said my eligibility didn't start yet. I'm very confused here.
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  4. Does the DM show on the sponsorship file only or PR file too?
  5. It shows only sponsorship file and pr is still processing.
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  6. That means the sponsor was approved and they are reviewing eligibility of the principal applicant if that changed on GCKey
    Don't worry about what the agent told you, sometimes they do mistakes
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  7. Immigration is really a strange animal lol
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  8. I sent away my inland spousal sponsorship application on sept. 18 but didnt include my husbands OWP application because i thought i could apply online but cant. So now i printed the application. where do i send it? mississauga? his current work permit expires on oct. 1
  9. My wife is awaiting for her application to be process but she wants to travel outside canada. Is there anyway to do that?
  10. 1. Does she have a work permit?
    2. Does she need a visa? If yes, is it still valid?

    I traveled while still in the process but I had my work permit. As a matter of fact, I traveled because of my work I am not from a visa exempt country, so I needed my visa on the way back in. At the border, it didn't take not even 2 minutes to be allowed in.
  11. Yeah she has a work permit.

    And no she doesnt have a visa. She had a student visa but she decided to stop going to school because of the cost of international student.

  12. But, is she from a visa exempt country? If she is, then she can try. Remember that it's ALWAYS up to the officer's discretion. Having said that, the chances of being denied entry with a work permit and/or a job, are significantly lower.
  13. No she is not from a visa exempt country. She is from vietnam. She work park time
  14. Is her visa still valid?
  15. No it expire already

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