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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. No I m saying if someone has previous rejection
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  2. Hello guys !! I just received my GCMS notes it would be great if you can help me understand it.... basically it appears that that my file is untouched since december 2018 except the call center reminders routed through Montreal call center. My secodn page of Notes says Eligibility Met however, the last few pages show Review Required. I am quoting my notes. Kindly guide especially @legalfalcon @SithLord @thecoolguysam

    However my second page of the GCMS notes say that the Eligibility is Met.

    I will be grateful for any input.
    Thank You
  3. Oh.. ok.. i got scared
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    If Canadians are so lazy and Indians are so hardworking in comparison, then why did you run away from India? Why isn't India a better Country than Canada? I understand you want to uplift the mood of your people on here but calling Local Canadians lazy is not the way especially since you fought tooth and nail to go to their Country.

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  5. I hope everyone of this group has reached in Canada.
  6. Reached Canada??????
    Still waiting for ppr since . :(
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  7. Hello Guys

    It's finally the day which I waited for.

    Got my ready for visa email on September 12th.

    I would like to thank each and everyone in this forum and definitely special thanks to SithLord for his huge support and help.

    Here is my timeline

    VO: Ottawa
    ITA 15 October 2018
    Medical done on October 27th
    AOR 28 November 2018
    MEP January 7, 2019
    Biometrics January 12,2019
    RPRF paid of January 17th,2019
    ADR February 20,2019 : Military service form.
    ADR March 27, 2019 : Resume of me and my wife and Schedule A updated form along with another form regarding me any my wife's education.

    Called IRCC on June 11th: eligibility met
    Criminality passed, security of my wife passed only the pending was my security and I got the same many times last time was on Friday 6th of September.

    Raised CSI and Ordered notes on July 13th but never get a reply.

    I wish all of you best of luck...
    See you all in Canada soon
  8. Congratulations... All the best
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  9. Congratulations...... Good luck for future.
    Any idea how much time security check took?
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  10. Not Sure 100% as the agents never tild me when it started despite asking them many times.
    All what I know that from June 11th my security check was in process
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  11. This really gives me some hope...... For me security is in progress since 24th May........ Hope this waits for ppr ends soon
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  12. Congratulations my brother and I wish you God's blessings all the way
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  13. I hit my 300 day tomorrow
  14. Let's hope and pray that we get PPR soon! I'm 297 today..
  15. 311 days for since Aor :(

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