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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Hey thank you so much for the info...
  2. Congrats!!
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  3. Seems like they are working on November first week Aor files
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  4. Lol I am not going to fall for this. I really hope you are true and they are working on Nov first week but I will believe it when I see the RFV.

    My medicals will expire in 69 days. Let's see!!
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  5. Hang in there @SithLord - been seeing a trend where once an applicant is under queue for review or review required by officer - the file is kept aside till it reaches close to one year or medical expiration..
    Looks like it has become a common trend/behaviour by IRCC ..
    The last couple of days - have been noticing remed requests/med extension for candidates June-Aug-Oct '18 ... And as soon as they clear the updated meds - its PPR in a few days or weeks time..

    Lets believe this is giving us hope to lookforward to our medical expiration dates .. - the closer its getting - the more the stress and a little bit of excitement - not a lot - just enough to make me check the forum everyday :)..

    Good luck to whoever is closer to 12 months or med expiration
  6. Perfect, thanks :)
  7. This is bad news... 2.5 months till my medical expires ..

    Hard luck
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  8. @ashokacca could be before that too .. dont feel dissapointed - med exp is just a virtual deadline for people like me who crossed 10 months ..
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  9. Honestly, it shouldn't actually go that long. I really want to believe IRCC is improving their processing times but doesn't look like they are.

    October 16th to November 2 isn't that far so looks like I will definitely be celebrating my 1 year anniversary.
  10. Yeah same to me... I really hope this isn't the case for everyone cause I might lose my mind if I have to wait another 2.5 months!
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  11. It could be even longer. You really can't predict anything with IRCC.
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  12. Hi, I have a question, my AOR isNov 28th.I did the medical exam in Oct 27th 2018 and my profile shows that on January 7th 2019 you passed the medical exam.
    What is the expiry date of my medical?
  13. Couldn’t agree more ... These days this waiting game has turned into something other level ... I don’t even get hopeful or excited for PPR anymore ....
  14. My medicals expire on September 24, although it would be very annoying if they ask for re-medicals because that service is no available in my city. I would have to pay AGAIN for the new tests + a round flight from my city to Mexico City.

    Anyone has any idea about what factors determine if they ask for re-medicals or just extend its validity?
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  15. I think that remedical requested mostly from outland applicants, while CEC, who live in Canada get an automatic extension.

    Myself and a few of my friends are CEC applicants and all of us got an extension upon expiry (with a ghost update on the profile)

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