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NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by missycreampop22, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hello Friends,

    I have a question regarding the first entry in Canada.
    As province nominees, should our Port of Entry (POE) be NS or can we land anywhere else and then travel to NS.

    I'm planning to fly from New York to Halifax via Toronto (single itinerary).
    Could some seniors please guide me if I can do this without any issues and any tips for the smooth process.

  2. @Bane

    Im not referring to refernce letter , te actual resume. No harm in providing a canadian style resume. In a resusme you need ur education detail(1 liner stating Wes evaluated****) skill and roles and duration.

    NS immigration officers know that we are immigrants and they accept the resumes, Resume is not a major concern what matters is the role and responsibilty letter
  3. @rckish450

    POE is not the concern, at the POE immigration counter you can state the Port of destination is Halifax and provide Halifax address for PR card. You may even show your Itinery for Halifax travel
  4. Thank you for the response Stephny. I'm planning to travel next week and hope everything goes well.

  5. Wow im on June 12 will meet there
  6. Hi Shakhawet,

    I think Non-Ede/student is fine. You can upload what they gave you. Even if CIC wants it as non-ede worker or family or something, they might ask you to visit the clinic and get the right tracking sheet. Don't worry, they'll not ask for a repeat medicals!

    All the best!

  7. Folks really..! When I sent my application I didn't even know that there's something like 'Canadian Style Resume'!

    Canadian or Acanadian, thumb rule for Resume is to keep it as short as possible - one page is excellent. Two pages is fine. Three pages - only if you really have lots and lots to fill!
  8. Hai Friends,

    After a great struggling ::) I submitted my PR application yesterday 02/05/2017. It was late night thats why I was not able to inform on the spot.

    Hoping all of here will submit their application before the deadline and wishing you all the best. :D :D :D

  9. All the best SDKD ! you truly deserve it :)

    I have a question for everyone. Please help me on this:

    Can we write our roles and responsibilities on an affidavit and get it signed by a supervisor and duly notarized by a Notary Public ? I don't have my duties on the company letter head. I can provide the business card of my supervisor also in case immigration officer needs to verify. Is this acceptable by Nova Scotia ? Has anybody got nomination previously by doing so ?

    Thanks and Regards,
  10. Thanks Shasa... :)

    I am not aware of the above query. :(

    Our seniors will guide you..

  11. Congratulations SDKD on submitting your application!! Did you get the message for receiving the application?
    Good Luck to all my friends on this forum!

    @Shavet11 - I have read on the Forum that many people have done what you are also doing regarding the roles and responsibilities. It seems to have worked for some people. In my opinion if you have no other choice you can do that and also make sure you mention it in your Letter of Explanation. Also try reading up on this query on the express entry forum and ask persons like 'Legalfalcon' for advice- they are more accurate in their assessments.
    Best of Luck!
  12. Thanks pakimom... :D
    Me received one acknowledgement in CIC.

  13. Hi ALL,

    Just want to update my status. I got visa and CoPR letter confirmation on 1st May 2017. Need to pick them up at VAC office now. Btw all those who have queried on landing date, please kindly note that the visa is given up to 1 year from the date you did your medical + a few days. So, all your family members and yourself should land before or just on that date when visa is still valid, else you or members of your family will have to undergo the whole process of application again. Also, main applicant should land first or with the accompanying members.

    I would be landing before 29 of June 2017. ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Best of luck and 'bon courage' to all those who have submitted there application on CIC website.


  14. Congrats Khusal... :D :D

    When u applied for PR??

  15. Hi ALL,
    Best of luck SDKD. You should get your approval within the 6 months as from now. They may request you for a few things afterwards which you would have to upload like credential and IELTS reports, etc those that were not in their check list.

    I applied on 28.07.2016 (see my status on left panel). So got it in about 9 months.



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