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Nova Scotia Noc code 4214

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mshah10, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Hi !
    It’s better you mail them.
  2. Hello then did u applied or not
  3. I got below mail this from Nova Scotia and I'm thinking of what to do.

    "In order to continue processing your application the following additional information is required:

    Education and Training: I see that you have graduated with a master’s degree, and working as an early childhood educator, but I do not see any education specialization in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Please send me proof that you have earned a certificate in ECE or specialized in it during your education, specifically with ages 0-8. If you have a certificate, it must be for training of at least one year continuous.

    Note: The masters degree certificate I submitted was not specialisation in early childhood.
    So I'm thinking if I can submit an online diploma course
  4. Hello till where u processed and did u submitted the certificate
  5. Hello did u submitted the application
  6. Received the completeness check passed email on 08 July
  7. Congratulations!!!

    Did you got ADR
  8. How long did they have to wait to get the nomination after receiving the mail for completeness check?
  9. Some people got ADR after that nomination did they asked you ADR
  10. Hi, how's your application going on?
  11. Anu update on everyone?

    June 22- submitted my application
    June 24 - Completeness check
    July 9 - received ADR
    July 10 - submitted ADR
    Now, waiting and praying for nomination to arrive.

    Can you share yours?
  12. How's your application?
  13. Hi all,

    Just wanna have some insight from you guys... Can u plz shed some light on the fact that if BeD degree is eligible for NOC 4124 as some of u r already in the process of getting ADRs. My wife has got 5 yrs of teaching experience in pre primary classes (3-5 years) age group plus she is BSc and BeD degree holder.

    Your help will really be appreciable. Thx in advancece. Waiting for
  15. What ADR did they requested from you?

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