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Nova Scotia Noc code 4214

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mshah10, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. I have a crs score of 441..not invited..my noc is 1241..i just wanted to chk if eoi had to be submitted or they pick frm EE directly
  2. Hava anyone a sample of reference letter from employer
  3. Mine crs is 365
  4. They invited applicant with noc 4214 only
  5. my wife has experience of 2+ years in 4214 in India , she also got invitation, anyhow we will proceed & submit the applications,
    have few queries.
    01) do we need to scan education certificate from class 10th onwards till highest education? do we need to scan degree only for Graduation or marksheets aswell

    02) in Nova scotia PNP website, they asked to upload, LOI received, but i am unable to download that, how to scan & upload it.

  6. employer is not ready to give any reference in specific format, so we will be uploading letters that we have in hand, normal appointment letter & relieving letters(wherever applicable)
  7. H
    Hi, have you filled the application yet ?
  8. No only graduation and post graduation degrees are required
    And u have attach a screen shot of LOI received
  9. Can we show FDs as POF? and can we show 5yrs lock in FDs?
  10. I also received the letter and was able to submit the application. I am praying everything goes smoothly. Please let me know how's your application going on?
  11. I submitted on the 20th and received a mail of confirmation on the 21st. I am waiting for either nomination or request for further documentation. Have you received any such mail?
  12. I received letter of confirmation too. I submitted just earlier today. I will also wait for the nomination praying all the documents i submitted were enough. Where are you from by the way?
  13. Hello folks soon I’m also going to apply . Anyone of u got nomination here
  14. Did u got AOR

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