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Notary of translation/Reference letter from company

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Krn, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I got couple of query for you to answer.

    Q.1 I realize that I need translated copies for some of my academic certificate however Do I have to notarized the translated document as well? I guess the translator will attach his affidavit with the translated document. I m not sure if still notary is required?

    Q. 2 I am a married guy accompanying spouse, No children and complete study in India. I guess in my case i have to notarized below documents

    Notarized Documents
    1. Marriage certificate
    2. Passport (for me/spouse)
    3. Visa (for me/spouse)
    4. All (new/old) work permits
    5. Degree
    6. Higher Secondary certificate

    Only Photocopies of (No Notary)

    1. Recent T4
    2. Notice of Assessment

    Original Copies of

    1. Birth Certificate (I got this from Indian consulate as didn't hv original)
    2. Police Clearance Certificate
    3. IELTS Score Card

    Please let me know if my understanding is right.

    Q. 3 Also I can not provide the reference letter from my company as they do not have such process so I am going to include an explanation that my company doesn't issue such letters. Will this going to affect my application. If yes how?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  3. Thanks a ton for your reply Jes_ON. YOU ROCK !! You cleared most of my doubts.

    Yes I did ask my supervisor and he asked me to speak to the HR rep and HR rep said that “we do not have any policy to provide such letter”. I know that it is my right to get any reference letter as I am working with them and it’s not a lie but still they are bluntly saying they do not provide it. This is so frustrating but I am not sure what more I can do about it. ???

  4. When I hear things like that, I just want to scream, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?! Did you happen to get their refusal in writing, like an email?

    hmm... since you are still employed with them, you can't get an ROE...

    You could try the following.

    1) If they have no policy to provide it, then they don't have a policy to NOT provide it. :) So there is no barrier.
    2) Did you ask your supervisor again, after HR was non-cooperative?

    If ultimately you are unsuccessful, you can write a statement that your employer refused to provide the letter (attach written evidence if possible), and supply the name and contact information of your supervisor and the HR department. If possible, ask your supervisor for his/her business card.

    Then be sure to supply all the information required in the letter - wouldn't hurt to also attach a copy of your most recent wage statement / paystub...

    And then, if their refusal to provide a letter is any indication of the working conditions, I'd look for a new job :)
  5. Yes I do have an email from the HR. I'll try to push this one more time the chances are less but still there is no harm in trying. If no success I'll send explanation letter with HR email and my 3 months pay slips.

    Regarding the TRANSCRIPTS IN SEALED ENVELOPES I have contacted my University but not heard anything from them yet. As I am here in Canada I can not personally go to India so I have to do it over email or phone.

    Can I process without these transcripts? Anyways I have my degree right?

    I am not sure how long they will take for this and I don't want to delay my application. Can you advice as in how long it takes to provide the TRANSCRIPTS IN SEALED ENVELOPES. I am sure time differs from university to university but any personal experience on this.

    Anyone with the similar case please share your experience.

  6. If you mention the name of your university, perhaps others will be able to share their experience. I know this is a problem for many applicants from India, but some (not all) universities will explain how to get the transcripts on their websites -
  7. The university name is Rajiv gandhi university Bhopal.

    Anyone with the same university who got their TRANSCRIPTS IN SEALED ENVELOPES, Please help!!

  8. Looks like they have a very nice website, ...

  9. Hey Jes_ON,

    I agree!! Hopefully they are good with their services too ;)

    I got one more doubt as I am applying for the Duplicate mark sheet (I understand transcript means it should shows the course/marks/grades details and in degree certificate no marks are mentioned)

    Do I have to request for all the 8 semester mark sheets or just the final one. The final one does shows course/marks/grades details but doesn't shows the total duration of the course which is 4 years.

    Checklist says:Transcripts: Original transcripts of all courses taken must be submitted in university sealed envelopes

    In my case I have done single course which was 4 year long.

    What do you think?

  10. Not sure .. a transcript lists ALL courses taken, grades received, credits for the course. It also shows whether and when the degree was completed, and the type of degree earned (B.A., B.Sc., for example).

    Usually, it is one page here. So if your "final marksheet" shows the total of courses taken, credits earned etc., then that is probably sufficient. If not, then, all semesters...
  11. Just a suggestion about how to handle your dumbas* HR department.

    Take a copy of the CEC Guide to her and show her the relevant section requiring the letter and what it must state. Take the WHOLE guide, including the cover page which clearly states that it is a document provided by the Government of Canada. If, after showing her that, she still refuses, advise her that Citizenship and Immigration Canada may call upon her to verify your employment and require her to formally (in writing) refuse THEIR request for this letter. Hey, this also may NOT happen but it could. See how far she digs her heals in then.
  12. To add a bit more of the feeling of Canada, when you visit the HR department next time, carry a running chain saw :)
  13. :) I'm really tired, but that hit the funny bone :)
  14. lol...It cracked me too....

    Baloo- I wish I could do that buddy
  15. I'd sharpen it for you :)

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