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not enough proof of cohabitation

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by robaraz, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi all again ,
    I got a mail from CIC today and im struggling to keep my sanity , beacuse I don't know what else to provide more .
    (reminder i applied for permanent residents , my canadian wife is the sponsor).

    > Proof of Relationship: You did not provide sufficient evidence of cohabitation. Please
    provide additional evidence of cohabitation that could be used to confirm whether a sponsored spouse
    or partner has been continuously cohabiting with their sponsor in Canada since the receipt of the
    application 2019/03/08. These may include: Joint bank accounts or credit cards indicating both you
    and your sponsor's names, Jointly signed ownership of residential property, Jointly signed residential
    leases, Jointly signed mortgage or purchase agreement, insurance and/or beneficiary forms, Joint
    utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone), Important documents of both parties showing the same
    address (i.e identification documents, driver’s licenses, and insurance policies). Please do not send
    any electronic media items, such as CDs, DVDs, or VHS tapes. This must be received at this office
    by: 2019/08/08
    All requested documents/information and a copy of this correspondence must be submitted within the
    timeframes specified above (formatted as “year/month/day”). If you are unable to provide any or all of
    the requested documents/information, please explain why they are not available. No other reminder
    will be sent to you. If you fail to provide the requested information, your application will be assessed
    on the basis of the information that we have which may result in the refusal of your application for
    permanent residence. Should this occur, no further consideration will be given to your request for
    permanent residence unless a new application, including fees, is submitted.<

    I want to specify that when we did the application we already mailed Joint Bank account , and Rental agreement ,
    at this date I still don't have any bills under my name , All I have under my name is a doctor recipt and bilion of recipts that i bought from amazon showing, in different dates, always the same address, My wife has phone bills , lease and all that stuff .
    the only thing i can do is asking to the land lord to remake a new rental agreement for the new year cause the one we mailed was from the last year . And 1 more thing that is literally the only thing came to my mind is doing me and my wife both ontario photo card (she doesn't have a drive licence).
    I don't know what else to do .
  2. But even Ontario photocard it takes average of 4 weeks which will be too long since i only have 1 month before submiting anything :\
  3. I would get the renewed lease, and if you have IDs that show the same address on them, scan those in and send them too. Do you not have any kind of insurance policies, perhaps you both are on the renters insurance policy? What about your phone bill? I think if your pay stubs have your addresses on them you can submit those too.
  4. i dont have any ontario photo id for now , and the ontario photo card would take to long for me , and i dont have a phone bill i have a plan with pay as you go and unfortunaetly i dont have any insurance
  5. The photo ID I think took about 2-3 weeks to be sent to my place after I applied for it. I would apply for it anyway and hope it comes in time.
  6. I believe they are looking for additional proof that you are STILL living together since applying. So send anything and everything with both names/same address. Some out of the box ideas that I've heard used in this forum are:
    -Print bank statements showing use of joint account since applying
    -Any letters, postcards or greeting cards addressed to both of you that have come through the mail since applying (can even quickly get friends/fam to send some)
    -Letter from neighbours stating how you both live together and how nice of a couple you are. (mentions times seeing both of you in/near your home during the past few months)
    -Letter from friends or colleagues stating how you live together and mentions times where you've been dropped off/picked up at that address or they attended dinner parties where you were both there, etc.
    -Gym memberships for each showing shared address
    -Put both your names on car insurance
    -Quickly set up (or change existing) a telephone line, internet, listing both names then login to your online account and print off account statement.
    -Magazine covers if you get any sent to your address showing name/address and of course the month of the magazine issue
    -Add your wife's name to your credit card (if you have a credit card linked to your bank). Have her make a few purchases. Then go the bank and ask them to print off a current statement and highlight the two separate cards. Include photo of both cards.

    I know none of these things are what they asked for or are official things but they're all things mentioned from fellow forum members that they've used for proof when in a desperate situation. Oh and always include a cover letter explaining why you don't have all the official proof.
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  7. when I applied I submitted a join scotia bank account , now I got a job so I was thinking to go quick to TD Bank and make a new one on this date ,
    Plus I can renew the Rental agreement and ask to the landlord to make a statement that I still live here , don't have cars/gym/magazine or letters but what I can do is print out all amazon recipts saying the package is delivered and on the same address all the time . And the only last thing I got is a Doctor Recipt for when I went under medical exams the recipt saying my name and the same address.
    With all of this I can only add my wife ODSP Checks statement that they come reguarly in the mail every month.
  8. I received the same email too and i submitted joint bank account and credit card statement, insurance but my wife has only has a g1 so it doesnt show under the contract so i got insurance to send me an email stating she had been added to the policy, both pic of driver license, electricity bill with both name, internet bill but they only allow one name on the account, our tax we filed together, house insurance but was told that only the name whoever mortgage is under will show but spouse is automatically cover, mortgage paper of condo but my mortgage agent told me not to put her name as shes Doesnt have her pr but i have documents from lawyer that she sign that show she listed as my spouse and she understand that i purchase a condo and have a mortgage

    After all that my file was sent for further assessment
  9. I just bought a condo with a mortgage but only my name was on the deed. Does anyone know if i can add my wife name to the deed without any penalty?

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