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Non-Dependent Children

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Issababe, Jan 16, 2020 at 10:09 AM.

  1. I am a permanent resident of Canada since 2 years ago. When I applied for my PR, my chilren who are no longer minors, above 22 years old, are no longer part of my application. Therefore, they were not included and examined at the time.
    I do not have a spouse, no siblings, no children and no other relatives living in Canada. Can I now sponsor ONE of my non-dependent children? ARe they considered other relatives?
    Pls help, anyone who could answer me, i need your response.
  2. My father is still alive. Why? :-( But he is in the Philippines.

    My ex-husband, the father of my son who i want to sponsor, is still alive.

    Your input is greatly appreciated
  3. Then you can’t apply to sponsor anyone under the lonely Canadian.
  4. Is there a site in the CIC program where i could read lonely Canadian ? lol
  5. Sorry you don’t qualify to sponsor your child if they are over 22. Look under sponsoring other relatives.
  6. You could only apply to sponsor an non-dependent child if all of your parents/grandparents were dead. The fact that your father is alive means you can sponsor him and therefore makes you ineligible to sponsor under the Other Relative category, known on the forum as the Lonely Canadian category.

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