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No update

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by careng12, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi. Is there anyone has the same situation with my online application. Its almost a month already after I did my biometrics, but until now no update from them. :(
  2. from which country did you apply? mine is turning 3 months after i submit my biometrics and still no update.
  3. Mine is my is turning 7 weeks ,after biometrics no update.but processing time for Zimbabwe is showing 6 weeks. Is there someone who knows what's going on ,on their approving rate.

  4. my one 10 weeks still no result
  5. I applied from Qatar. I guess its much better to apply thru paper. :(

  6. Hi,

    I applied online work permit on 19-Feb-2019, from Consultant in Canada via Canadian Embassy in UAE.
    Biometrics done on 24-Feb-2019 from Qatar , That time the processing time was 19 weeks from Qatar.
    Now its showing 23 weeks, I am in process of 20 weeks still no any updates ..:(
  7. Patience is virtue :)
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