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No longer want to be married.

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Nacygray, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone asking for a friend. She came to Canada 5 years or 6 years with her child on vacation never left Canada living with no status both her and her child. Fast foward to 2018 she met someone she told them her story he agreed to help her obtain her permanent residence. They got married 9 months ago and now 2019 9 months later he no longer wants to take on the responsibilities of helping her eith her status. Her lawyers has already started the sponsorship for spousal sponsorship.

    Now the lawyer has now file Humanitarian and Compassionate for her. How do you think is going to spend out considering the marriage was for convince and she overstay her Visa for 6 years
  2. This does sound like a marriage of convenience as you said ' he agreed to help her obtain her permanent residence'. I really don't know about H & C, but the fact that she has overstayed 6 years and has entered into a marriage that was not really a marriage will harm her chances of staying.
  3. She should expect it won't go well - chances of refusal are very high. She has overstayed her visa, engaged in marriage fraud and worked illegally. There is no H&C case.

  4. That's exactly it. Her lawyers told her to get family and friends to write letters to vouche for her to stay in Canada and how hard it will be on them if she had to leave and this is exactly what she has been doing. Because she have alot of family members in Canada she felt like the law maybe on her side considering her child has adjusted for the past years.

    She had lots of family back home and also the child father is back there as well with many other family and friends she has there.
  5. It's her life and her choices. I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. If I was her family, I would stay out of it and not get involved. If they do, that's more misrepresentation to add to her case.
  7. I have try to state staying out of it but unfortunately they will not. It sad they people go through the proper procedure and the one that don't get through faster than some but each is to there own.
  8. She hasn’t been approved.

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